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Week Ending October 27, 2006
October 27, 2006 12:17PM EST





This week President George W. Bush signed into law a bill to build 700 miles of fence along the Mexican border. The signing was not high profile. No one from any of the groups working on border security or the illegal immigration problem were invited to the signing. Only a handful of congressmen and Senators were present and enough media to get the story out. The number one proponent of stopping illegal immigration into the United States, Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, was not invited to the bill signing. That alone should tell Americans how serious the Administration is about the problem; however, it gets worse. The Congress failed to pass legislation to actually fund the building of the fence. Thus, the President signed a bill that requires the construction of the fence before he leaves office, but no money has been allotted to build it. ( Click here for Washington Times story.) Meanwhile, Venezuela is assisting Jihadists from nations on the terrorist state list to come to the United States, by providing altered passports. Islamists are being given Venezuelan passports and other documents to help them assimilate into the United States Hispanic population. Only about one in ten of these Jihadists are being caught and sent back. (Click here for full details.)

Why are Republicans secretly in favor of importing millions of illegals into the United States? For the same reason Republicans promote cheap Chinese goods being dumped on us. Economic conservatives view inflation as being the number one enemy of America. The entire Federal Reserve System and every Administration since Nixon has been fixated on inflation and see it as more of a danger than social chaos or even terrorism. Illegals in the United States bring down the wage scale of every American. No matter what job you have, even if you are a doctor, you make less because illegals bring down the entire wage price structure. Cheap Chinese goods bring down all consumer costs. Will the Democrats change things if elected? Not at all. The heart of the Democrat Party wants even more illegals in the United States than do the Republicans. Voting Democrat just will not help.



As the head of Government Is Not God - PAC , I have a lot of information available to me that is not available to even the press. Candidates share with me their internal poll numbers that are at this point run every night. With this information in hand, I can confidently tell you that the blow-out for the Democrats that the press is predicting is just not going to happen. There is no doubt that Republicans will lose seats in the Senate. Because of numerous Republican scandals in Ohio the environment is toxic for them there, and they will lose not only the Senate seat, but the many state and local seats as well. The Republican governor in Ohio has an approval rating of only 18%. However, in other states where the Democrats thought they had easy going, the tide has turned. The Republican Senate candidate in Tennessee, Bob Corker, is now leading Harold Ford despite his lack of social conservative support. In Missouri, incumbent Jim Talent is now ahead, as it seems that the commercials run by actor Michael J. Fox on the stem cell issue have backfired on Ms. McCaskill. And in Virginia, despite Senator George Allen having made about every mistake possible in a campaign, he has managed to pull back ahead by several points because voters are learning about his opponent. (see below) Worse news for the Democrats is that their incumbent in New Jersey may well lose on ethics issues. (He is a crock) Will the Republicans lose seats in the Senate? Yes, but they will not lose control, meaning that President George W. Bush will most likely appoint at least one more Supreme Court Justice who is pro-life.


The House is a different issue. Speaker Hastert's desire for power at any cost may have sunk the Republican boat. Should the Republicans manage to somehow salvage the situation by election day, Mr. Hastert should do the right thing and step down to allow some real leadership to move to the top. As a result of the current chaos and scandal in the Republican controlled House, several good social conservatives will be lost on election day. While I pretty much know which ones we will lose, I can't make the predictions public now because that could add to their problems.


A couple of cards have been dealt to the Democrats that could change a lot of things in the last few days before the election. The New Jersey Supreme Court ordered that state's legislature to give "gay couples equal rights" by issuing either marriage licenses or something like them to homosexuals. Traditional marriage amendments are on the ballot in eleven states including Virginia and this last minute decision out of New Jersey is going to drive social conservatives to the polls who had otherwise given up on Republicans. And in Virginia the details of Senate candidate Jim Webb's novels are just coming out of, shall we say, the closet. Turns out his novels including Fields of Fire and Lost Soldiers are pornographic in nature, depicting wholesale debauchery including sex with children. He depicts blacks and Asians as less than human and his treatment of female characters is horrifying. In other words, his works are typical reading materials for the average liberal who hates God's Word and views sex as the ultimate expression of intellect. (Click here for Webb book story)



Click for large view of Bashir and MurrayAs Peggy Birchfield mentioned in last week's update, I have been in the war torn Sudan. While there I met with President Omar al-Bashir in his home for lengthy discussions on several topics including the current conditions of Christians in the Sudan and the violence in Darfur that some are calling genocide. During the mission, which included seven other men including the President of the Liberty University seminary, we also traveled to the South Darfur to meet with the Waly, or governor, of the region. While in Darfur we also visited an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp operated by private groups for the United Nations. More than 200,000 have died in the current conflict and about 1.8 million have been displaced. The situation is so complicated a battle matrix is almost impossible to construct. Sides can change in the middle of a battle making blame virtually impossible for some of the atrocities committed. This is a complicated situation and it will take me at least another week to complete my report after conferring with other members of the mission.


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