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In my grade school there were a couple of bullies who would take other kids' lunches, toys and games, even demand money and get it. I heard about, but did not encounter these bullies until one day when one of them shouldered me into a locker and said, "You can't bump into me like that -- give me two bucks!" I reared back and hit him square in the nose and blood spattered on half a dozen other kids. I never had another problem with a bully in that school. However, the kids who gave up their lunches and handed over their baseball cards and cash to the bullies continued to have problems with them their entire time at school. Everyone knows there is only one way to handle a bully, yet hardly anyone ever wants to fight to stop getting bullied. THUS: everyone wants to pay the madman who runs the criminal enterprise known as North Korea, to stop making nuclear bombs. In the 1990's President Clinton gave him money to stop building bombs, but he kept on building them. The Chinese gave him money to stop building bombs, and he kept on building them. The Japanese and the South Koreans gave food and clothing to the madman's starving people, and he still continued to build bombs. Now Senators Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liberals have a better plan: give the madman even more money to stop building bombs. One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, always expecting different results. Appeasement is insanity. The world will do nothing, other than give the madman more and more money not to use his bombs, until finally he drops a nuclear bomb on Tokyo. Just like Hitler, the madman will be ignored until he actually does the damage he promises to do.

Even worse, I have a contact in high office that tells me that North Korea's nuclear test was actually a "product demonstration." Iranians and others interested in purchasing nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon technology were present at the test site. Again, the government of North Korea is nothing more than a criminal enterprise that prints counterfeit US and EU currencies, trafficks in narcotics and prostitution, and even ships counterfeit prescription medications into the United States. All of this at the government level and personally approved by the madman himself! This rogue nation will sell anything to anyone for cold hard cash. Paying criminals not to be criminals just does not work, not at the local level and not at the international level.


Religious Freedom Coalition's Executive Director Peggy Birchfield was invited by the Department of Justice to participate in this year's National Human Trafficking Conference in New Orleans, LA last week. The three day conference consisted of discussions of complex issues surrounding human trafficking and collaborations on strategies to help reduce or even prevent these networking crimes in the future. Peggy's report will explain activities of the conference and goals of the participation's. Victims that are enslaved and held capitive are often prevented from practicing their religion. If caught they are often beaten or killed. According to the U.S. Government 600,000-800,000 victims are still be trafficked each year globally, with most victims being women and children. We face challenges in identifying victims and obtaining evidence to prosecute the traffickers. Click here to view Peggy's report.


Click here for detailsSeveral years ago I wrote a book based on my experience of becoming a Christian as an adult. I did not accept Christ until I was 33 years old and as a result came into the Church with a lot of baggage. I was unfamiliar with the church, the language of the church and many other aspects. Because so many people expect Christians to be perfect people the minute they join a church I titled the book, The Church Is Not For Perfect People . The book went through several printings at Harvest House and the moved to MFM because of continued demand. SPECIAL OFFICER: Because the RFC is moving its office in November we are now selling these for $2.95 each plus shipping. I will be happy to autograph oa copy to you if you give an extra gift of $10.00 to the work of the RFC. Click here or on the image for more information on the book and the offer!


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