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Foley, Hastert and the Teenage Page Scandal
Religious Freedom Coalition
October 2, 2006 6:44AM EST


Because of this organization's past work with Congressman Mark Foley in protecting minor children from sexual violence I was deeply hurt and offended to learn about his explicit e-mail's to boys working in his office as young as 16 years old. I was equally dismayed that Speaker Dennis Hastert was informed of what had occurred a year ago and that he took no action whatsoever. It was not until Hastert’s advisors informed him that the scandal could affect the outcome of the election that he suddenly became concerned about Foley’s actions and requested the Justice Department to look into his behavior. Because young boys were involved, Hastert should have taken this action the moment his office learned of the problem.

I have never been a fan of Speaker Hastert. Unlike Newt Gingrich, who led the Republican revolution of the 1990’s, Speaker Hastert is an old fashioned back room, deal making politician. I do not believe he is genuinely a social conservative and know for a fact that when given a choice he will assist the pro-homosexual agenda. In Arizona’s 8th congressional district he struggled to stop Randy Graf, whom I personally supported, from getting the Republican nomination. He supported a candidate who is pro-gay, pro-abortion, and pro-amnesty for illegals. Speaker Hastert is second in line to the Presidency after Vice President Cheney in succession, a place he does not deserve. I urge him to announce that he will not run for the position of Speaker of the House next year if Republicans maintain control. The Washington Times has gone as far as to tell Speaker Hastert to resign on its editorial page. (Click here for editorial) Candidates running for congressional offices are already canceling fund raising events featuring the Speaker. Hastert's backroom power politics which have no ethics at all have caught up with him.

The St. Petersburg Times was given details of Foley's gay exploits with underage pages several years ago but failed to print the details. Why? Because of the pro-gay bias of the liberal media! The Saint Petersburg Times did not want to print an anti-gay story and as a result even more young boys were at the least assaulted with verbal sexual abuse by Foley. The damage could be worse and there could very well be boys coming forward that endured more than sexual e-mail's from Mark Foley. Although only 3%  of male adults are homosexual they are responsible for 33% of all reported sex crimes against children. Because it is politically incorrect to point this out, conduct that would not be tolerated from a heterosexual is excused by the liberal establishment when it comes to a homosexual.

William J. Murray, Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition

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