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Week Ending September 1, 2006 - Washington, DC
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In the days following the 9-11 Jihad attack on the United States, I became so frustrated with the political correctness of our secularist society that I actually ran an advertisement in the Washington Times reminding Americans that our "allies," the Saudi royal family, promote the very same concepts and ideas of world conquest for Islam as does Osama Bin Laden. For years the American people have endured President George W. Bush looking into a camera and calling a philosophy bent on world domination a "religion of peace." Finally he and others are beginning, through the carnage in Iraq, to understand the heart of Islam, which is racist fascism. At last he, and even members of the media, are referring to Islamo-fascism as the enemy rather than simply saying we are fighting "terror," whatever that means. In a speech before the American Legion National Convention the President admitted for the first time that we face the same enemy in Iraq as we do in Iran and that those involved in the London bomb plots follow the same philosophy as those who fire rockets into civilian areas of Israeli towns. His speech comes just a few weeks after that of Senator Rick Santorum before the National Press Club in which the Senator named the true enemy, Islamic-fascism. Click here to read the remarks of President Bush; Click here to read the remarks of Senator Santorum.

Speaking of Islamic fascism, why aren't the newspapers reporting on the Jihad attack in San Francisco? On Tuesday a Muslim drove his SUV onto the sidewalk next to the Jewish Center killing one man and seriously injuring fourteen more. Although he said afterward that he did this for "Jihad," the San Francisco police are not treating it as a "hate crime" and Islamic spokesmen say he did it because of "stress." Imagine what would have happened if the attack had been against a gay bar instead of the Jewish Community Center! The same kind of attack occurred in North Carolina earlier this year, again with an SUV and again with the driver saying his acts were to "avenge the death of Muslims." His case is not being treated as a "hate crime." Also, in another attack by a Muslim on a Jewish Center in Seattle, Washington, one woman was gunned down and several others were injured, but it is not being treated as a "hate crime." What is a "hate crime"? Pushing away a homosexual who makes a pass at you is a hate crime and you could very well go to jail for it. Killing Jews, on the other hand, is not a hate crime in America.



The House and Senate reconvene from the summer recess on Wednesday, September 5, 2006 and stay in session for only five legislative weeks. On Friday, October 6, 2006 the House and Senate will adjourn until after the election which is Tuesday, November 7, 2006. This gives us just five weeks to work on an enormous number of social conservative issues including the Pledge Protection Act. Our staff will meet with representatives of other conservative organizations on Tuesday of next week to try to map out a strategy for accomplishing the most good in the few remaining weeks of the 109th Congress. Click here to see the official House calendar as it stands today.



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