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Week Ending May 26, 2006
Religious Freedom Coalition
May 26, 2006 9:56AM EST





The same 9th Circuit Court that found "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional has ordered children in the public schools of California to chant "Allah is the only true God and Mohammed is his messenger." The Court also ruled children can also be required to chant "Praise be to Allah" in response to a teacher prompting them. According to the court it is cultural "diversity" to force the kids to design Islamic prayer rugs, take on Arabic names and to "become a Muslim" for a two week period as part of required school assignments. Meanwhile Christianity is a two day course in California's public school system with a spotlight on the Inquisition which represents a very short period of Christian history. The religion classes are misleading and deliberately anti-Christian in nature. The course on Islam says that Jihad is a personal "internal struggle" and common modern practices of Islam like repression of women, slavery and polygamy are never mentioned. The consultant who produced the program for the California public schools is a devout Muslim who is on the payroll of the Saudi government. (Click here for full story.)



Some time ago Majority Leader Bill Frist set this June 5th for a closure vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment. A final vote on the actual Amendment should occur on the 7th. This Amendment to the Constitution would define marriage in the United States as being between one man and one woman. The Amendment has no chance whatsoever of passage. All Constitutional Amendments need a two-thirds vote to pass either chamber of the Congress. In the last Senate vote on a marriage amendment it received only 47 votes. Since then four more Republicans have taken office and all of them campaigned on a platform of protecting the institution of marriage. If everyone votes the same and these four Republicans vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment the vote will still fail with just 51 of the needed 67 votes. This is a very bad precedent. In my opinion Congressman Hostettler's Marriage Protection Act which uses Article III of the Constitution to protect the institution of marriage should have been voted on in both Houses of Congress first. Hostettler's approach would have required only a 51% vote and would have given us an incremental victory that we will now not have. The web site posted by those organizations favoring a Constitutional Amendment only position can be found at


It gets worse! The Senate Immigration Reform bill protects the employers of illegal aliens from all penalties. The actual bill is now more than 600 pages long and includes Social Security for illegals based on income earned while they used false identification and phony Social Security numbers. Presumably the government will just take the word of illegals as to how much they should be credited toward Social Security benefits. In the same 600 pages is a provision that states, "Employers of aliens applying for adjustment of status under this section shall not be subject to civil and criminal tax liability relating directly to the employment of such alien." This and other provisions of the bill would remove 31 different crimes related to illegal immigration that would be forgiven including the fraudulent use of Social Security numbers which is a felony. The current penalty for using a false Social Security number to obtain employment is five years in jail and a fine of $250,000. That crime would be forgiven as would all other related crimes committed by illegal aliens and those who employ them. (Click here for full story)

The Senate Immigration bill transforms those who entered this country illegally into "guest workers" and gives them special rights that American citizens do not have. 1) The bill grants in-state tuition rates for illegals while citizens who cross state lines must pay the full rate. 2) Employers will be forced to pay illegals "prevailing" rates for a job regardless of their experience level while citizens can be hired at minimum wage. 3) Illegals in agricultural jobs can only be fired for "just cause" while citizens can be fired for any or no reason at all. 4) Illegals will be immediately eligible for Social Security and if they die here their kids will get full pop survivor benefits (over $1,000 a month) until age 18. This means citizen seniors will get less. 5) As mentioned above illegals and their employers are forgiven of all felonies committed against the tax code (and other felonies) while citizens will be jailed for the same crimes. 6) Radical "immigrant-rights groups" including the racist organization La Raza will receive millions of tax dollars to organize the illegals. Here is the best part: At least six of the Senators voting for these special rights for illegals, including Bill Frist, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, want to be our next President. Despite the fact that this is President George W. Bush's dream immigration bill more than 30 Republican Senators voted against it. Ten Kennedy and all but four Democrats voted for these special rights for illegals. Click here to see how your Senator voted.



On Tuesday, Religious Freedom Coalition's Executive Director, Peggy Birchfield, participated in an event honoring the work of religious freedom advocates on Capitol Hill. The event, in the Russell House Office Building also welcomed the two new co-chairs of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus (CHRC) Task Force on International Religious Freedom. The Honorable John Hanford, the US Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom was present to welcome Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) as the new co-chairs. The Congressional Human Rights Caucus (CHRC) has played a vital role in addressing human rights concerns in the U.S. Congress and has helped make human rights a more visible and important issue on Capitol Hill. Religious Freedom is the hallmark of real democracy and the U. S. Congress must continue to stand with those seeking the right to believe and practice their faith. Congressman Franks is a remarkable individual, a devout Christian, who will stand and fight for religious freedom in the United States and around the world.



On May 21, 2006 the Times of London ran a heart wrenching story about 20 young Christian boys kidnapped by a leader of the Jamaat-ud Daawa (JUD) in Punjab Province in Pakistan. The JUD is associated with Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda. The boys were treated as subhuman because they were not Muslims as was their captor, wealthy businessman Gul Khan. He planned to sell the boys to the highest bidder for domestic work or the sex trade. They were rescued with a ruse by a Christian missionary who raised the funds to purchase them. This is an astonishing story which truly defines the difference between Christianity and Islam as practiced in the 21st century. I seriously doubt that anyone on the 9th Circuit Court read this before demanding that American Christian children praise Allah in California's public schools. ( Click here to read this incredible London Times story.)


Official NGO "consultative status" for the Religious Freedom Coalition through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC ) has been put off at the United Nations until at least January of 2007. The average request is handled in six months. Our original application was filed in 2004.


Even if American liberals who want to teach Islam in California schools cannot see a clash of civilians, apparently Europeans are beginning to. A new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Germans have a negative view of Islam and want to stop construction of mosques as long as Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations refuse to allow the construction of churches. A full 91% of Germans associate Islam with oppression of women and 83% say it is dominated by fanaticism. The majority of Germans believe there is a "clash of civilizations" between Islam and the Christianized West. (Click here for full story)


Have you signed the Pledge Protection Act petition? Click here for information.



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