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Week Ending April 7, 2006 - From Washington, DC
Religious Freedom Coalition
April 7, 2006 3:37PM EST





Currently virtually every piece of legislation pending in the Senate is being blocked by the Democrats led by Senator Harry Reid (R-NV). His strategy is for Democrat candidates to be able to campaign this fall saying that the Republicans run a "do-nothing Congress." The strategy may work because of a liberal press that is ready to spread the lie and a general lack of understanding among the general public about how the Senate functions.


No where can the strategy of the Democrat leadership be seen better than in the current battle over reforming the immigration laws. The Democrats have pushed so many amendments onto the Immigration Reform bill that the Republican Leader, Senator Bill Frist , found himself at one point in the position of being forced to filibuster the Republican version to move it off the floor so he can offer a "security only" version. (I was there and it still boggles my mind.) The current bill - that will not pass - would allow anyone who has been violating the laws of the United States for more than five years to obtain citizenship right away. Those who have been violating the law for two to five years would have to go to an "entry" point to apply for a work permit and those violating the law for less than two years would have to go back to their home nation to apply for a work permit. Will even one of these lawbreakers admit to being in the United States for less than five years? What a joke. Meanwhile skilled individuals who have applied for legal immigration into the United States would just have to wait at the end of the line in the nations where they currently live. Even if the bill passes in the Senate, and I don't think it will, the House would not accept the Senate version and no law at all would go to the President to be signed. No bill is exactly what Wall Street wants. Business does not want the 12 million illegals in this nation to have legal status. Legal status would mean higher wages, medical insurance costs, etc. Business wants no change in the status quo. Click here for Fox News story.


Former Sudanese slave Simon Deng completed a 300 mile freedom Walk on Wednesday ending at the West front lawn of the Capitol.

The freedom walk was organized to shed light on the slavery and genocide in the radical Islamic state of Sudan. Among those marching with former slaves were two Senators who have ambitions for the White House, liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton of New York and conservative Republican Sam Brownback of Kansas. Honest, it happened -- I have pictures.



In the last few days I have had the opportunity to speak with various leaders in the House about the amnesty proposals that were being added into the Senate version of Immigration Reform. Their reply: DOA. One House member told me privately that the Mexican flags being waved at demonstrations across the United States sealed the fate of any amnesty proposals.


On Tuesday the Executive Director of this organization delivered fresh flowers to the office of Congressman Tom DeLay just hours after he publicly announced that he would not run for reelection. He plans to resign from Congress, probably as early as May of this year. With the flowers a personal letter was delivered from me thanking Congressman DeLay for his long service to the conservative cause. Tom DeLay was the last leader of the "Republican Revolution" of 1994 to step aside, handing the reins to the full time "vote right" bureaucrats.. The revolution of 1994 was led by Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and Tom Delay. Together they established a new order in Congress. They eliminated the corruption and ineptitude of the Democrats and established rules that allowed the Congress to actually accomplish an agenda. Under their leadership there was a massive social order that put half of welfare recipients back to work, reduced taxes and created a pro-life atmosphere in Congress. All three men were true conservative believers. There is a big difference between a true believer and a congressman who "votes right." With the departure of Tom DeLay the Republican leadership lacks an out in front standard bearer of the colors. Tom has been maligned and abused by the press simply because he actually believed in what he did. Many times Tom DeLay attended events the Religious Freedom Coalition organized, not for profits, not for votes, but because he believed in what we did. The last time I saw Tom DeLay he was at a private meeting last Wednesday of social conservatives working on an agenda of values legislation. Tom DeLay is a great ally and he will be missed by all social conservatives when he leaves Congress.


A fairly good article appeared in the Kansas City Star about our efforts and those of Congressman Todd Akin to protect "under God" in the Pledge. The article has since been picked up by other newspapers as well. Click here to view the Kansas City Star article.) Also at least one more congressman this week has agreed to sign on to the Pledge Protection Act after a visit from Peggy Birchfield, our executive director. During the week Peggy paid visits to the offices of more than 40 congressmen on this and other issues. Also during the week I personally spoke with members of the House Leadership as well as two members of the Senate about the Pledge Protection Act. Have you signed the petition to convince Congress to pass the Pledge Protection Act? If not click here to learn more about our petition.



We need more staff to get more done on Capitol Hill. One more full time staffer is needed to work the Senate side of the Hill on the Pledge Protection Act. We really need a businessman or foundation to step forward and help generously. If you can arrange a large gift or grant to the Religious Freedom Coalition please call Peggy Birchfield or myself at 202.543.0300. Smaller donations are also needed now. Please help with our various projects on Capitol Hill and in the Holy Land. Please make your donation today! Click here to give a gift or send your tax deductible donation to the address below.

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