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Week Ending January 13, 2006
January 13, 2006 9:11AM EST



(Note: Only the Senate Judiciary Committee is in session)



Pro-Family Groups held a kick off press conference in front of the US Supreme Court on Monday. RFAC's Katie Murray participated in the press conference to show our support for Judge Samuel Alito. Women carrying signs saying "My abortion Hurt Me" shared their stories of the emotional, spiritual, and physical consequences they suffered from their legal abortions. They spoke about how the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling brought abortion on demand to America and fooled people like them into thinking abortion was not wrong and that it hurt no one. They even assumed it was safe since it was legal. They believe we need fair Justices like Alito who will review all the facts and restore justice in America. Many Pro-life groups and the "Red Team", which wore red head bands and red T-shirts with A+ Alito on the back and front, attended the event in support of Alito and justice. (These T-shirts were furnished by our sister organization, the Religious Freedom Action Coalition) Volunteers pushed empty strollers in memory of the unborn babies that have been aborted. The radial left, largely outnumbered, wore blood painted shirts and carried coat hangers, I guess in memory of what the babies they have killed. As one woman spoke about her painful experience, a young man from the left shouted at her. He called her a "woman-hater" as she attempted to warn other women of the pain she experienced as to prevent them from suffering as well.


In the afternoon, Katie participated with the "Red Team" at the "People for the Alito Way" rally to show that Americans want a fair up or down vote for Judge Samuel Alito. The rally was held during a hearing break. As mentioned above the RFAC purchased the red T-shirts and stickers that the "Red Team" wore to line the hallways as Judge Alito approached the hearing room. Each day, they would gather for Alito's entrance and exit to encourage Alito and his wife and to show their support. The "Red Team" exhibited much enthusiasm throughout the week that showed onlookers that many Americans want a fair judge like Alito.


On Wednesday, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) hosted the Freedom from Discrimination rally right outside where the hearings are taking place. Many positive remarks were made about Alito. Senator Cornyn remarked: "He's spent his entire career serving the United States of America... we've heard all the testimonials of his fairness and commitment to the rule of law." Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft believes Alito has shown a "willingness to abide by the rule of law" as a prosecutor and a judge and says that he is "not an inventor of the law." It is for those reasons that RFAC supports Alito. Commander Margot Hill, a Deputy Superintendent with the Boston Police Department, and Louis Cannon, President of the DC Fraternal Order of Police, showed strong support as well. Congressman Trent Franks also spoke. He believes that Alito "understands the miracle of our Constitution." This understanding is needed in our courts for interpreting, rather than legislating, to take place behind the bench.


The week ended with Katie Murray attending Senator Orrin Hatch's press conference in which former Alito Clerks showed their support for Judge Alito and respond to the unfair attacks from the Democrats. One of those former clerks is a man named Jeff Wasserstein. He is a registered Democrat who is "angry and ashamed by the Democrats in this committee." Although his money and support goes towards the Democratic party, he believes Alito "deserves to be confirmed."

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