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Week Ending January 6. 2006
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The more vicious the attacks on President George W. Bush for "spying" the more his approval ratings climb. Full page ads run by the ACLU accusing Bush of "breaking the law" seem to have helped Bush with the public even in New York. (Click here for their ad copy.) The American people seem to understand, even if the ACLU does not, that it is important for the President to protect them from harm since he is, after all, the Commander in Chief of the military. At a recent press conference the President said about his NSA program of wiretapping, "If somebody from al-Qaida is calling you, we'd like to know why." The NSA program authorized by the President taps phone calls from known members of terrorist organizations in foreign lands to individuals in the United States. Although the liberal media such as ABC, CBS and CNN call the program "domestic eavesdropping" it in fact affects only international calls and e-mails. The American people understand the need for this by a wide margin and are rejecting the cries of the far left. If the Democrats keep up the howling to please their far left donors such as George Soros on this issue, it could cause them to lose rather than gain seats in the next election.


When President Bush appointed Elaine Chao as the head of the Department of Labor, some thought she was an affirmative action hire. Unfortunately for the nation's largest labor unions, that was not the case. One of her first actions as Secretary of Labor was to order the unions to disclose how they spend the dues of their members. Big unions like the National Education Association (NEA) fought the rules hard at the congressional level and then in the courts and now we know why. Under the new rules the NEA was forced to report it gave $65 million of the hard earned dollars of America's teachers to Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance and a litany of other socially liberal advocacy groups in 2005. The NEA even gave funds to People for the American Way. There were also big contributions to organizations seeking to move voters toward "progressive" candidates. It was thought that the NEA took its marching orders from the Democrat Party, but looking at the way the money flows it may be the Democrat Party that takes its marching orders from the NEA. (Click here for news report)



Click for larger imageUnable to put forth valid arguments against Judge Alito, the far left is resorting to violent and disruptive tactics. On Thursday centrist and conservative women held a news conference in Washington, DC expressing support for Judge Samuel Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court. Participating in the event for the Religious Freedom Action Coalition were RFAC's executive director Peggy Birchfield and congressional coordinator Katie Murray. The press conference was invaded by pro-abortion feminists. The invaders entered the Washington Press Club located on the 13th floor of the Press Building wearing bloody T-Shirts, carrying opened coat hangers and shouting "Alito kills." While radical feminists claim to represent all women, the majority of college educated women and married women are conservatives who normally vote Republican.


Although the Senate will remain in recess until January 18th, the confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito will begin in the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 9th. This is a highly unusual move that will insulate most Senators from the antics on Capitol Hill during the hearings. The far left is pulling out all the stops to defeat Alito now that the American Bar Association has given him a "well qualified" rating. The left is trying desperately to overcome the numerous endorsements of legal scholars, because they know Alito will not follow their orders to change the social order in the United States by judicial fiat. plans to deliver hundreds of thousands of anti-Alito letters to Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter., which is funded by billionaire left-wing nut case George Soros, plans a major and visible campaign against Judge Alito. Soros, who wants hard drugs legalized, sees Alito as a threat to his plans. Planned Parenthood, which is partially funded by your tax dollars, is running banner ads against Altio all over the Internet. Campus Progress, the far, far left campus organization that interrupts conservative speakers and interferes with free speech at universities, is now showing an anti-Alito video. Joining in to fight Judge Alito's nomination is the Feminist Majority Foundation and various other national socialist who want to conform society to their standards. Despite their efforts the majority of Americans favor Alito's confirmation, with just under 30% against him. (Click here for polling story)


Every time you see a red T-shirt on TV worn by someone supporting the Alito nomination, you will know that shirt was furnished by the Religious Freedom Action Coalition ! (For Roberts the RFAC used green shirts!) The Religious Freedom Action Coalition is one of the key groups with offices in Washington, DC that is working to confirm Samuel Alito, who is very conservative, to the Supreme Court. RFAC executive director, Peggy Birchfield is on the core planning committee to raise the noise level for Alito. Congressional coordinator Katie Murray will be working street demonstrations and press conferences for the RFAC during the actual hearing week. This is the second Supreme Court nomination by President George W. Bush, and the extreme feminist, pro-abortion and anti-family lobbies are desperate to stop him from being confirmed. John Roberts replaced William H. Rehnquist who was a true conservative, but Samuel Alito actually shifts the Court because he replaces a social liberal, Sandra Day O'Connor. You can help the RFAC work for the Alito nomination by contributing online or sending a check to RFAC, PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013



Please help by mailing a completed petition today to support the Pledge Protection Act of 2005. To view or print out copies of our petition click here. Our petition is in response to atheist Michael Newdow, who sued to remove "under God" from the Pledge. You can also help protect "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag by placing a "One Nation Under God" bumper sticker on your car. The bumper sticker pictured will be sent to anyone donating any amount to the Religious Freedom Coalition over the Internet. Click here to give a gift.


Every time you use GOODSEARCH.COM powered by Yahoo your favorite charity or non-profit organization receives a contribution. The more searches you use GOODSEARCH for the more funds your favorite organization gets. The Religious Freedom Coalition is listed at GOODSEARCH. If you choose the RFC as your favorite and search from GOODSEARCH we will receive a check from them monthly. You can change the designation at any time to any number of organizations you may wish to support.


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon , who abandoned his Likud Party to form a personality based party just a few months ago, suffered a major stroke and was in a coma as of the writing of this update. Unlike the Likud and the Labor Party his new Kadima Party had no formal institutions and he was going to hand pick the candidates for the Knesset election set for next month. The stroke comes just months after he forcibly removed Jews from the Gaza Strip and handed over to Palestinian radicals who now launch missiles almost daily at Israeli cities. The previous prime minister to give land to the Palestinians was assassinated. The leadership of Israel is now in a state of turmoil.

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