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Week Ending December 30, 2005
Religious Freedom Coalition
December 30, 2005 8:44AM EST





Is the ACLU a civil liberties organization that files lawsuits on behalf of the "oppressed," or are they a political organization with a radical agenda? The ALCU has bought full page advertisements comparing President George W. Bush to Richard Nixon and stated outright that Bush "broke the law." (Click here for their ad copy.) The ACLU was founded by a communist who wanted to create a "classless" system. But the ACLU and the men who run it have become very wealthy by terrorizing the American people and the establishments of government both local and federal. A former attorney for the ACLU, Rees Lloyd, has come forward to detail the inherent dishonesty of that organization. He has provided proof of what I have long said, that the ACLU is a criminal enterprise. (Click here to read more about Rees Lloyd) Meanwhile President George W. Bush will face three tough battles in the Senate when it reconvenes in January. See HOUSE below:



The Senate is in recess until January 3, 2006. Upon their return, three hot items will come up virtually at the same time. First is the confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito in the Judiciary Committee. At the same time, the Judiciary Committee will be seeking information on the wire taps without warrants that have been ordered by President George W. Bush to fight the war on terror. This wire tap issue will represent a problem in the Alito hearings because he has in the past written that an Administration does have the authority to wire tap without Court permission as part of its war powers. All this comes at a time when the Patriot Act has only been renewed for 30 days and must again come up before the Senate during the Alito confirmation process. This is the Democrat position: The Department of Homeland Security under President Bush is not doing enough to protect the American people AND the President is violating the Constitution by fighting the war on terror with wire taps. Therefore, Judge Alito must be denied a seat on the Supreme Court because he will violate the Constitution by allowing the Bush wire taps. The position is of course self contradicting and generally stupid. How does the Administration fight terror if it has to know the names of the terrorists, their locations and phone numbers in advance to go to a court and get permission to tap their phones to find out about the next attack? The Democrat leaders headed by Howard Dean want to ties the hands of the Administration in the war on terror because they see successful attacks on the United States as benefiting their election hopes in 2006. As for the wiretaps themselves: I have learned from high level officials that actual terror attacks since 9-11 in the United States have been averted because of the wiretaps by the NSA. As for your civil rights .... the government does not have the manpower or the will to tap phones to find out if Americans are cheating on their taxes or their spouses. The concerns of leftists that Bush will "peek into our bedrooms" is ridiculous and is no reason to allow terrorists to plant bombs before they are arrested.

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The ACLU is running full page ads in newspapers saying the President George W. Bush broke the law by tapping the phones of people who had known connections to terrorists who want to kill Americans. Meanwhile the ACLU says it is a civil rights organization that collects no fees for the many lawsuits it files to remove any reference to God from the public arena. Where does the money come from for these new newspaper ads? Where does the money come from to pay for the lavish ACLU headquarters in New York City and the six figure executive pay of its management? Much of it comes from your pocket. As I have written many times over the years, the ACLU is a "greenmail" operation. They file lawsuits against school districts, usually districts that have few funds, such as in Pontotoc, Mississippi. They then demand that the schools pay their legal fees, which often run in the $300 to $500 an hour range, plus expenses that include staying in luxury hotels. Under a bill passed by Congress years ago to help the civil rights movement, the schools have to hand the money to the ACLU to help them take away the authority of the local school board. The Public _Expression of Religion Act (RH 2679) authored by our friend Congressman John Hostettler (R-IN) would put an end to tax payer funding for the ACLU. They would have to turn to Norman Lear and George Soros for their funding. The Public _Expression of Religion Act would eliminate the federal rule that allows the ACLU to collect attorneys' fees when filing these kinds of lawsuits. In the past Congressman Hostettler has not found enough support in the House to bring his bill to the floor; however, with the ACLU now filing lawsuits to remove "religious" reference from memorials to the veterans who have lost their lives fighting for our freedoms, there may be new momentum for the bill. Please call your congressman about the Public _Expression of Religion Act. (Click here to hear interview of Congressman Hostettler and former ACLU attorney Rees Lloyd. This is an MP3 file)


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For almost two years I have been reporting on the situation of Swedish pastor Ake Green who was arrested and prosecuted for offending homosexuals. The hate crimes law under which Pastor Green was prosecuted is supposed to apply to all groups including racial and religious groups. Hmmmm. A Swedish maker of Swedish anti-Christian jean logo jeans is selling a brand call Cheap Mondays with anti-Christian symbols on them. The designer states very firmly that the logos of a skull with an upside down cross is deliberately aimed at Christians. In a statement he said, "It is an active statement against Christianity." If the jeans were anti-homosexual, or anti-Muslim there would be an uproar in Sweden and the government would be removing them from the shelves of stores. However, the socialist government of Sweden has a desire to destroy Christianity in Europe and will do nothing to stop this outrage. Think about this the next time you are planning a vacation. Do you really want to go to a nation whose government hates everything you believe in?



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