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Week Ending December 16, 2005 - Washington, DC
Religious Freedom Coalition
December 16, 2005 1:29PM EST





Right after the reelection of President George W. Bush it seemed that the public relations machine in the White House just shut down. Democrats were emboldened as accusation after accusation tossed at the White House went unanswered or was answered sheepishly. Stories started to run in the press about a "depressed and angry" president. Right after the rather outrageous attacks of Congressman Murtha (D-PA) and statements by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) that US troops were "terrorizing" civilians in the middle of the night, the White House began an organized comeback. It has been hard. The White House had allowed the President's popularity to drop below the 40% mark. Since the President began a series of speeches on Iraq and terrorism and directly addressed the outrageous comments made about him, the poll numbers have been on the rise.


Last week I mentioned that several Hollywood actresses participated in a fund raising event for People for the American Way that garnered several hundred thousand dollars to buy TV ads to bash Judge Samuel Alito. I have inside information that the PAW, the NAACP and other George Soros funded organizations intend to try to play the race card on Alito. They have found an obscure case in which a policeman shot a black criminal who was fleeing. They will claim that Alito's siding with the police officer proves that he is a racist. (Yes, this is a real stretch, but the PAW and groups like it don't run honest advertising campaigns.) Insiders are estimating that more than $50 million has been raised to bash Alito which is more money than is spent on some Senate races. Some economic conservative groups have come forward with some funds to run ads, believing that Alito will side with big business on the Court. Most conservatives, however, are not putting up bucks to back Alito. Ford Motor Company, AT&T and Wal-Mart have given funds to groups opposing Alito. The anti-Alito ads will begin airing the day after Christmas. So far my 501c4, the Religious Freedom Action Coalition, has raised less than $1,000 to buy the T-shirts and buttons for volunteers to wear during the January hearings supporting Alito. We have no funds for TV ads.



Majority Leader Frist made it clear that he will change Senate rules if the Democrats attempt to filibuster the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito. Senator Frist told a Sunday news show that "...Supreme Court nominees deserve an up or down vote." Although by Senate rules it takes 60 votes to stop a filibuster, it takes only 51 votes to change any Senate rule. Because the Republicans control 55 seats, they can do away with the filibuster rule as it is applied to judicial nominations. The Republicans would make no attempt to eliminate the rule in its entirety. The filibuster rule gives every single Senator tremendous negotiating power. Right now conservative Senators who are friends of ours have "holds" on various bills and amendments to appropriations bills that are unfriendly to families. Eliminating the filibuster in its entirety would limit the power of individual Senators and allow future administrations to become more imperial in nature. The filibuster is not all bad, although I believe that a Supreme Court nominee should receive an up or down vote. Our sister organization, the Religious Freedom Action Coalition, has taken a leadership role in support of the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court. Hearings on his confirmation will begin on January 9, 2006 and the vote is expected on the 20th of that month.


Shame on the Senate for even considering giving special tax relief to gambling casinos, liquor stores and massage parlors. At a time when churches are struggling to rebuild after the deadly Katrina hurricane, the Senate is actually moving forward to give tax breaks to huge gambling corporations to rebuild their casinos. Let's get real: casinos take away people's hard earned money, destroy families and cause suicides. This is not something that Congress needs to support. The House has already passed a Katrina aid bill that does not provide funding or tax relief for gambling casinos or massage parlors and the Senate should reach down and find the moral courage to follow the House lead. Call both your Senators and tell them to vote against any funding or tax relief for casinos and massage parlors. The White House has backed the tax breaks for casinos at the request of the former Republican Party chairman Haley Barbour , who is now governor of Mississippi. If the Senate passes the tax breaks, one national gambling corporation could receive as much as $50 million.


Democrats in the Senate have blocked the Cord Blood Stem Cell Act of 2005. This had already passed in the House by a huge margin with Democrat support but was blocked by extreme leftists in the Senate because it did not include funding to kill embryos for cloning research. Cord blood stem cell research has had proven successes including battling sickle cell anemia which is why the very liberal Congressional Black Caucus endorsed the legislation in the House. This bill does not destroy human life, it saves human lives. If you have a Democrat Senator, please call him and ask that his party stop blocking this life saving legislation.

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Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis (R-VA) introduced a sense of Congress resolution supporting references to Christmas. Davis said she presented the resolution because, "Efforts to morph Christmas into this generic 'winter celebration' go beyond the secularization of the day. Santa effectively took the Christ out of Christmas years ago, but this new effort looks to replace Christmas and even its secular symbols with the celebration of nothing. Christmas symbols symbolize Christmas, and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Therefore, the purge of Christmas is the goal. This resolution supports Christmas and defends the heritage and symbols that represent it." The Religious Freedom Coalition submitted a letter of support on behalf of the resolution which passed the House by a vote of 401 to 22 with 5 voting present. All the no votes were Democrats.


This week the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act passed the House by a vote of 426 to 0. This is a tremendous victory considering the hostility of Democrats to the original concept. Many liberal Democrats view prostitution as a woman's right. But this bill is about ending the practice of forcing women and young boys into prostitution and acts of slavery. The law, first introduced by Congressman Chris Smith in 2000, was initially enacted to stop human trafficking worldwide but did not do much about the problem once girls and boys were brought into the United States. Congresswoman Pryce added legislation for domestic provisions. Upon passage Congresswoman Pryce said, "I am elated to see we are one step closer to maximizing the federal commitment to ending this modern day form of slavery. Each day, hundreds of thousands of women and children around the world face incomprehensible degradation and dangers posed by human trafficking. Our goal should be to extricate each of them from this horrific existence, and punish those who peddle in human trafficking to the fullest extent possible." The Senate version of the reauthorized bill has not yet been voted on. Please contact both your Senators and request that action be taken on the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.


The Religious Freedom Coalition has now mailed more than 100,000 petitions seeking signatures in support of the Pledge Protection Act of 2005. This is our response to atheist Michael Newdow, who sued to remove "under God" from the Pledge. The only way to stop the constant harassment lawsuits by Newdow, the ACLU and other God haters is for Congress to remove religious _expression lawsuits from judicial review-- just as Rep. Todd Akin is attempting to do with the proposed Pledge Protection Act. To view or print out copies of our petition click here. NEW: Click here for our "Under God" Christmas ornament!

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RFC Executive Director, Peggy Birchfield participated in the release of the seventh annual International Religious Freedom Report by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Secretary Rice, along with Ambassador John Hanford, the Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom. Ambassador John Hanford briefed the Non-Governmental Organizations on the contents of the report examining over 197 countries. The report designates "Countries of Particular Concern" (CPC) because of their severe violations of religious freedom. Countries listed on the CPC list are China, Burma, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, North Korea, Sudan and Vietnam. These are the same countries that appeared on the CPC list last year. The report also lists countries that have improved conditions to allow more religious freedom. The report's findings are a continuing effort to increase global awareness and to promote and support international religious freedom through public advocacy and the support of acting monitors. To view the International Religious Freedom Report click here, or to view the brief fact sheet, click here.



For Christmas, Hollywood released Brokeback Mountain, a movie about two homosexual cowboys "in love" in the 1960's. Last Friday before the release of this trash it was the lead movie review in the Wall Street Journal. This week USA Today ran a short on its front page and then nearly a full page in the entertainment section on the gay movie. So far it is number one in nominations for Golden Globe awards and the Hollywood tabloids and trade magazines including Variety have hyped and pumped the movie. On its first full weekend in theaters Brokeback Mountain took in less than $600,000. Meanwhile the family oriented NARNIA based on the works of Christian author C.S Lewis ranked number one in thousands of theaters and brought in an astounding $67.1 million or about 130 times more money than the pro-homosexual film. Only a hand full of theaters in heavily homosexual areas are screening the film so far. This shows the tremendous divide between America's elite and the people. What is the cultural war about? Liberals, particularly the media and Hollywood types, promote the functions of the body. If it is about being naked, having sex, getting an abortion or going to the toilet liberals want to talk about it. On the other hand the conservative movement is about faith and freedom. What a difference.


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