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RFC Contracts With Linx2Funds
October 22, 2005 8:16AM EST

It Has Finally Arrived!!!

A Fundraiser That Does Not Require More
Money From Your Pockets

The Religious Freedom Coalition has agreed to participate in a new, innovative fundraising program named Linx2Funds. This program has been developed by 5LINX Enterprises, a communications company. Linx2Funds focuses on services and products that you already use on a daily basis.

This fundraiser is SIMPLE and it provides a win-win situation.

Win #1: You and your family will save money.
Win #2: Our work and special projects will be better funded.

Let the experts at 5LINX help you reduce your monthly costs and receive more value for your money. Can you and your family benefit from any of these items?

Health and Medical coverage. Linx2Funds offers the Linx2Health non insurance Healthcare Benefits Savings Card. Providing you savings on all your health care needs or just filling in the gap with Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, and Pharmacy, Linx2Health has four plans to help provide for you and your family.

Digital Home Phone service. Upgrade to the future. Digital Home phone. Call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for only $19.95 per month. Plus super low international rates. Includes all the usual, and many unique features. Also available is the Globalinx Freedom Unlimited Videophone. See what you've been missing. Visit for a Videophone demonstration.

Globalinx VoIP and Videophone Retailer Account. Are you a retailer in the communication, computer, or internet industry? Take advantage of the tremendous growth of VoIP services with the Globalinx Retail Sales Program. Call our organization's contact person for details and an information packet.

Local Phone & Unlimited Long Distance. Unlimited Local and Long Distance anywhere in the U.S. starting at $49.95 per month. Check for current specials and discounts.

Mobile phones. Receive the best prices available on the same products and plans from most major carriers you are already familiar with. With most phones you also receive, FREE, a carrying case, a car charger, a hands free ear piece, and FREE shipping.

Prepaid Wireless. Get prepaid wireless phone service from Xcite Wireless with no credit checks, no contracts, and no deposits. Plus FREE car charger and incredible pricing. Better then all other prepaid wireless plans. (If no link is present at, e-mail the contact person for details and application.)

Save money on your business communications. Send for your Free No Obligation custom analysis of your business communication needs.

Satellite TV. Linx2Funds offers both DirectTV and Dish Network.

High Speed Internet access. Linx2Funds offers Zoomlinx High Speed Dial-up for $16.95 per month and $19.95 for filtered access, and true high speed Internet access through the Zoomlinx Broadband service.

All of the above products and services may be purchased through step by step secure online ordering at RFC's Linx2Funds Fundraising Web site located at:

Click Here NOW!
To Save Money and Help Support RFC

Thank you for supporting the on-going work of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition
P.O. Box 77511
Washington, DC 20013
Phone: (202) 543-0300




We are now offering a Health and Medical Discount program. Digital and Video Phone Service. Local Phone and Long Distance. Mobile Phones & Prepaid Wireless. Direct TV & Dish Network, and Filtered High Speed Internet. All products you need and use on a daily basis. Visit our new Linx2Funds Fundraising Web site at Any purchases made from this site will help provide much needed funds for the on-going work of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

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P.O. Box 77511
Washington, DC 20013

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