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Week Ending September 9, 2005
September 9, 2005 1:43PM EST





Have You Forgotten? is a song by country singer Darryl Worley, written in remembrance of the 9-11 Jihad attack. The question seems no longer to be "Have you forgotten?" but rather, "Do you even remember?" We are just two days from the fourth anniversary of the worst attack on the mainland United States since the invasion by the British in 1812. NBC's Dateline plans a story on the Rolling Stones that evening and CBS 60 Minutes has released no details of its programming that day other than continuing attacks on President Bush. Fox will air an NFL game. I do remember that day vividly because I was driving past the Pentagon when American Airlines flight 77 slammed into it. I still drive the same Jeep today I was driving on that fateful day. On the first anniversary of the 9-11 Jihad attack against us, I wrote my thoughts of that day and its aftermath and I have published it every year since. To read it click here.



On Thursday, September 8th the Religious Freedom Action Coalition (RFAC) organized a rally for the confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts in front of Senator Hillary Clinton's office on Capitol Hill. Democrat New York state Senator Ruben Diaz led more than 150 pastors in calling for both Senators Clinton and Schumer of New York to vote for the confirmation. Senator Diaz is one of the most powerful politicians in New York City and the president of the New York Hispanic Clergy Association. Four Senate Republicans joined in a press conference announcing Senator Diaz's support for the confirmation of Judge Roberts. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) introduced Senator Diaz and Senator George Allen (R-VA) spoke highly of Senator Diaz's efforts on behalf of Judge Roberts. Senator Allen is widely known as a contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO) and Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) also spoke. To the surprise of his colleagues Senator Inhofe addressed the group of Hispanic pastors in Spanish. The presence of this large group of New York pastors and a state Senator may have swayed the vote of Senator Schumer (D-NY) who now says that he is undecided about Roberts. Previously Schumer had been very negative about the confirmation of Judge Roberts. The event, with myself and Senator George Allen as moderators, was covered by many news outlets including FOXNEWS. To view the FOXNEWS clip of the event please click here.

After the press conference outside the Russell Senate office building, Senator Rev. Dr. Diaz led the 150 pastors to the steps of the Supreme Court for a prayer vigil. What a site it was to see 150 pastors waving "Confirm Roberts" signs and wearing "Roberts Yes" T-shirts praying before the Supreme Court. During the prayer vigil many of the pastors asked God to intervene and bring godly men, not secularists, to the Supreme Court bench. The group then walked to the Dirksen Senate office building for a box luncheon arranged by the Religious Freedom Action Coalition in one of the larger hearing rooms. During the lunch Congressman Ernest Istook, (R-OK) spoke about the Religious Freedom Amendment to the Constitution that would allow prayer back into the public schools. Shortly after the congressman spoke, the group of Hispanic church leaders were paid a surprise visit by the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. When Dr. Frist was introduced the entire room of pastors stood to their feet and applauded him. Dr. Frist thanked Senator Diaz for his support of Judge John G. Roberts and outlined the reasons that Roberts must be confirmed before the Supreme Court reconvenes the first week of October.


As incredible as it sounds, the far left group,, actually planned to run a TV ad blaming not only President George W. Bush, but Judge John G. Roberts for the hurricane damage in New Orleans. According to one of its spokesmen, the group was going to run a TV ad next week against Roberts showing the image of "African-Americans" suffering in New Orleans according to USA Today . After criticism from virtually every corner of the political spectrum, then announced that it had no plans for such an ad and that their spokesperson was in error. (We are supposed to believe this!) is financed by hedge fund operator George Soros and four of his country club liberal buddies. Last year they handed $79 million to to help destroy the moral fabric of our nation. Yes, five men gave that one left-wing nut case of a 501c4 organization $79,000,000 in just one year! The RFAC, the 501c4 of which I am president, operated on a total budget of less than $100,000 last year. While liberals are willing to spend big bucks to destroy the traditional values of this nation, conservative businessmen keep their wallets for the most part shut. The RFAC would be more than willing to accept gifts at this link.


Because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, the Roberts hearings have been moved to next week and the RFAC has promised to be there. The green T-shirts you will see in demonstrations were arranged for by the Religious Freedom Action Coalition as were the hundreds of water bottles that will be passed out with a label that says ROBERTS YES! Throughout the week, Peggy Birchfield of the RFAC will continue to operate as one of the key leaders in coordinating Roberts events on Capitol Hill. For more information go to .


Very often I mention that there are many godly men serving in Congress despite the picture the media portrays of our leaders. One of those men is Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), who spoke at the press conference for Judge Roberts. Last week I had the opportunity to spend all day Sunday with Congressman Franks and his wife Josey in their home state of Arizona. I have never been at an event with Congressman Franks at which he did not mention the Lord. At home in Arizona he acts and speaks no differently than he does on Capitol Hill. After a reception on Sunday sponsored by GING-PAC, we had dinner together at one of those high-flyer exclusive restaurants (Denny's) and then went to an evening service at a Phoenix church. At the service I met the congressman's brother Lane for the first time. Lane is an evangelist in the Phoenix area.



George W. Bush is a besieged President who has faced the kind of crises that few other presidents have. The nation was in recession when he inherited the office from Bill Clinton. Before his first year ended the Jihad attack against the United States occurred in New York. Since that time we have been involved in two wars against Islamic fanatical nations. While at war there was a space shuttle disaster which exposed the failings of the aging American space program. Finally, there was Hurricane Katrina which Democrats blame him for, while forgetting that the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana are controlled by Democrats. We should all pause and pray for this good man who leads our nation in a very trying time. What test could possibly face him next?


Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) may run for the presidency in 2008 to highlight the illegal immigration issue. On Saturday, September 3rd I spent a great deal of time with Congressman Tancredo while representing GING-PAC at the NFRA national convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Tom Tancredo is a truly godly man who has nothing against legal immigration into the United States. He is concerned, however, about having millions of law breakers come to this nation and then demand the benefits of citizenship. There is also the security of our nation at stake. On one ranch in Arizona, Muslim prayer rugs were found that were left behind by extremists coming into the United States from Mexico. Our southern border is not secure and it is being used by people from all over the world as an entry point into the United States. Tom Tancredo is one of the few elected politicians who will speak out and as a result he and his family have faced violence and death threats. Organized crime, big business and the Democrats don't want the border closed and all of them are angry at Tancredo for calling attention to the lack of security at our borders. I expect business leaders in the USA to spend big money to defeat him in his reelection to the congress next year.


Speaking of potential presidential candidates -- three of them were present at the RFAC's Roberts event mentioned above. Majority Leader Frist has openly talked about running in 2008. He plans to leave the Senate in 2006 and spend two years running for the highest office in the land. Senators Brownback and Allen are also mentioned as candidates. At present Senator George Allen leads the polls among the nation's conservative voters.



A Christian village in the Palestinian controlled area of the West Bank was attacked, and at least 12 homes were burnt to the ground in one of the worst attacks by Muslims there in years. The Muslims attacked the town over an alleged affair between a Christian man and a Muslim woman. However, it is likely that the woman was raped by a member of her own family and then murdered to cover up the crime. Often, an "honor killing" in which an affair with a Christian man is alleged is actually a rape by a male relative. The accused Christian is from one of the few remaining wealthy families in Palestinian Authority controlled areas. His house and those of all his relatives including his cousins were destroyed. See full story.


Olive Oil SoapFor several years the Religious Freedom Coalition has offered 100% olive oil soap handmade by Christian families in Samaria. The men of these families are converts from Islam and have been accused of being "collaborators" with Israel. As a result they have death warrants against them and cannot return to their villages. Please order a few bars of Peace Soap to help these persecuted Christians. Your church can also offer the soap for sale and send the proceeds to the Religious Freedom Coalition. The soap is available to individuals for just $3.95 per bar! To learn more about this handmade olive oil soap click here or on the image.


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