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Chairman's Report for July 20, 2005
July 27, 2005 1:48PM EST

Chairman's Report for July 20, 2005
The RFC Chairman's Report for July 20, 2005 is now online. Proposed new Religious Freedom Amendment - RFC's William Murray helps congressmen introduce Amendment at Capitol press conference. High Court's confused ruling on Ten Commandments - RFC's Peggy Birchfield interviewed by ABC News on steps of Supreme Court. Justice says "all important good impression" for US in the eyes of the world is basis for Supreme Court decisions - outraged congressmen plan a strong message to the Court. G-8 countries promise Palestinian Authority $3 billion - no strings attached. William Murray meets with Syrian Ambassador - does appeasement ever work? Torment of Iraqi Christians. Chairman William Murray leaves this week for "West Bank" - will bring RFC scholarships and aid to needy Christian families there. To read the full report in PDF format please click here. This is a four page document with photos and may take up to a full minute to display using a dial up ISP.

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