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Week Ending May 20, 2005
Religious Freedom Coalition
May 20, 2005 3:51PM EST





President George W. Bush will sit out the judicial confirmation battle next week while Senate Majority Leader Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) establishes himself as a household name. The battle over judicial nominees is about this President and a future president. If Frist wins the Senate battle over confirmation of judges next week by changing Senate rules, he will have given President Bush a shot at appointing the good conservative Supreme Court replacements he really wants. Frist will also gain a good chance for the presidency in 2008 by taking over the "most hated conservative" title on the liberal circuit from President Bush. To read background information Senator Frist has prepared on the judicial nomination process, click here.



The use of the filibuster by a minority party against a judicial appointment, contrary to Democrat propaganda, never occurred before the election of George W. Bush. It is true that a majority party in the Senate has sometimes blocked a president's judicial nominations, but never did the out-of-power party try this tactic before. But the filibusters of the Democrat liberals in the Senate were never about the conservative female and conservative Catholic judges they blocked, but rather about the Supreme Court. The party of Howard Dean knows that George W. Bush will eventually appoint from one to three Supreme Court judges and they want to make sure none of them are female or black conservatives. I have actually seen buttons worn by Democrat staffers that say: NO MORE CLARENCE THOMASES. This is a reference to the Court's only black conservative judge. This week Majority Leader Frist introduced to the floor of the Senate the two female nominees who have been on the waiting list for nearly four years. Immediately the Democrats shut down most Senate business by refusing to show up to committee meetings. The Democrats are going to lose this one big and in the process make Bill Frist the most likely nominee for President in the 2008 election cycle.


In the midst of the Senate debate concerning President Bush's pro-life judicial picks and the filibuster campaign by Senate Democrats against pro-life judges, Senator Sam Brownback spoke out forcefully Thursday to protect marriage. Senator Brownback had scheduled a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights titled, "The National Consensus to Protect Marriage: Why a Constitutional Amendment is Needed." Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) shut down regular business of all committees, thus the Brownback scheduled hearing became a "press conference" featuring those who intended to testify. Brownback is committed to defend traditional marriage in America between one man and one woman. He said, "This past Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision in which the court discovered, after 225 years, a fundamental right to same-sex marriage in the Massachusetts Constitution." Senator Brownback, along with others, has stepped forward to strengthen the definition of marriage. Just last week, a federal judge struck down Nebraska's constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage. Last November that State passed the amendment with a 70 percent majority vote. The Religious Freedom Coalition supports Senator Brownback's efforts to strengthen the institution of marriage.


Just before noon today Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) called me about an issue currently before the Senate. What the conversation was about is not as important as how it ended. After about a fifteen minute conversation Senator Brownback said to me, "Let's close the conversation in prayer," which he then did. Because of the way the mainstream media portrays our Congress, the vast majority of people do not understand the spiritual depth many of our elected officials have. Yes, I understand that there are the Ted Kennedy types, but there are also men and women who believe deeply in the Word of God and try every day to follow His direction. Senator Sam Brownback is one of those elected officials who tries his best to do as the Lord would have him do.



Members of the terror organization HAMAS now hold six seats on the Bethlehem City Council. The plight of Bethlehem Christians was already bad under the Palestinian Authority. How much worse will it be with HAMAS influence? A CNS (Conservative News Service) story was released yesterday highlighting the fears of Bethlehem Christians. The mainstream media, such as the news networks, major news magazines and newspapers never mention the plight of Christians in Bethlehem. (Click here for CNS story) in Israel and the West Bank (Samaria) in April of this year I interviewed a well known scholar on the issue of persecution of Christians in the West Bank. Professor Justus Weiner is a member of the New York and Israeli Bar Associations and an author of several books. He is a scholar-in-residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Policy and has written numerous scholarly dissertations on the deteriorating conditions for Christians in Bethlehem and other formerly Christian towns and villages. The Religious Freedom Coalition has produced a new documentary based on the interview and it is available free (there is a shipping charge) at our Internet store. I and a handful of Christian conservatives have been warning about the deteriorating conditions for Christians in Bethlehem for years. Bethlehem is fast becoming a Christian theme park for tourists run by Muslims. Now you can hear the horrifying details of what is happening from a well known and unbiased legal scholar. I urge you to order a copy of Persecuted Christians in Bethlehem today. Again, the DVD is free; you pay only the shipping. Click here or on image to order.


American and European tax dollars, along with donations from liberal churches, are at work on Palestinian Authority TV teaching that all Jews must die and that Europe and America will be enslaved by Islam. (Click here for actual Palestinian Authority TV video.) Meanwhile the Saudi Arabia Embassy lodged a complaint with the State Department over the false Newsweek story that a Koran had been flushed down a toilet by US Army interrogators. Owning a Bible in Saudi Arabia will cause at the least deportation, most likely prison time, and sometimes a death sentence. If Saudi customs agents find a Bible in your suitcase, it will be publicly shredded. Bottom line: Christians must honor Islam at all times but it is politically correct for Muslim nations to desecrate Jewish and Christian Holy Books and torture and enslave those who disagree with their beliefs.


RFC staff participated in a March Against Terror this past Saturday in Washington DC. The rally, held at the Freedom Square in downtown Washington, DC, emphasized the vital message of opposition to terrorism in the Middle East. While the crowd was not large, RFC staff joined many Christians, Jews and people of all faiths including American and Middle Eastern Muslims who came to support freedom and democracy in the Middle East and Muslim world. The struggle continues against radical Islam. The march was dedicated to promoting moderate, nonviolent Islam and to sending a message to radical Muslims about terrorism--that we reject them and their radical ways.

OLIVE OIL SOAP ON HAND - FOR NOW! have been having some problems with bringing the handmade olive oil soap from Samaria to the United States. To reduce costs we had a large shipment sent by boat. That shipment was delayed in a warehouse in New York for "extensive examination." It was then shipped to Richmond, Virginia and inspected by the FDA. That is now complete and the soap has finally arrived in our warehouse. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused, but the logistics of getting the soap to the United States is complicated. The handmade olive oil soap is now just $3.95 per bar! To learn more about this handmade olive oil soap click here or on the image.

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