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Week Ending April 29, 2005
Religious Freedom Coalition
April 30, 2005 8:30PM EST





President George W. Bush held his fourth national prime time press conference last night to discuss Energy and Social Security. If ... again I say if ... Congress had passed his energy proposals four years ago, the price of gas would not be hurting the economy today. The President expressed this fact and urged Congress to move forward with additional drilling in the United States and with nuclear power. While many European nations such as France have up to 60% of their electricity generated by nuclear power plants, the United States percentage stands at less than 20%. On Social Security the President again urged the Congress to provide a long range fix of its future shortfalls and again urged the creation of personal accounts. He reiterated that the personal accounts would be voluntary and that those with the least income during their lives would have increased benefits. Thus, those who are least productive in their lives and save nothing will get more out of Social Security and those who are the most productive will get less unless they open private accounts. This may actually sell to the Democrats. (See GOPUSA story on how this actually works.) I don't want to be a spoiler here, but President Ronald Reagan already created personal retirement accounts that are voluntary and inheritable. They are call IRA's (Individual Retirement Accounts) and are untouchable by the federal government. My IRA, which has the bulk of my investments, can't even be touched if I file for bankruptcy. I am having some difficulty understanding why we need another voluntary private retirement account system.


On Thursday President George W. Bush signed into law a bill which allows parents to buy software which automatically cuts sex scenes, violence and foul language from DVD's. The entertainment industry argues that their movies should not be edited unless they are paid additional sums for changes to copyrighted material. (Click here for full story)



Abortion clinics, particularly those owned by Planned Parenthood, have for years aborted the babies of underage girls. States have stepped forward to stop this insidious practice by passing parental notification laws. Abortionists now arrange for underage girls in states with notification laws to travel to liberal states for abortions. In some cases sexual predators and pedophiles take the underage girls across state lines for abortions. In one high profile case the mother of a young man took his pregnant underage girlfriend to an abortion clinic without her parents being aware of the situation. On Wednesday the House moved to stop the abuse by passing the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (HR 748). The media, including the conservative press, universally called the bill "Parental-consent abortion bill" for some odd reason I cannot figure out. President George W. Bush praised the House for passage saying: "The parents of pregnant minors can provide counsel, guidance and support to their children and should be involved in these decisions," He urged the Senate to pass a companion bill, S-8, quickly. Pro-life support is growing in the House as many Democrats feel the heat from "people of faith" as they put it. HR-748 passed with 216 Republicans and 54 Democrats voting for it. (Click here to see how your congressman voted.) Majority Leader Frist in the Senate has added the bill to his "top 10 list" for passage.


RFC's Executive Director, Peggy Birchfield participated in a press conference Thursday with Meredith Wagner, Executive Vice President of Lifetime Television and several Congresswomen to announce new legislation, the "End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act of 2005" which was introduced by Representatives Deborah Pryce (R-OH) and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Several other Congresswomen also spoke out to stop this violence against women and children. Representatives Katherine Harris (R-FL), Thelma Drake (R-VA) and Kay Granger (R-TX) want to build awareness of the need for this legislation and to insure that all those involved in this introduction become committed to combat the trafficking of women and children. It is estimated 800,000 women, children and even young men are exploited across international borders each year. Over 20,000 are trafficked into the US alone. Lifetime's participation was developed after two years of research on the best way to raise public awareness of such appalling crime. Lifetime's film campaign "Stop Violence Against Women" will be dedicated to raising public awareness through extensive educational and legislative advocacy outreach. Scheduled to be released this fall, the four hour mini series will reveal the horror of international sex trafficking and how it has infiltrated the United States. Human trafficking has only recently become a reality to most people. Lifetime Entertainment Services, legislators and nonprofit groups will work together to put an end to this global problem and help with international awareness. This bipartisan effort to combat trafficking aims to further strengthen US laws and to provide law enforcement with better tools to fight sex trafficking and assist victims. Senators John Cronyn (R-TX) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) introduced a companion bill in the Senate.


Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has proposed a Parents Right to Know Act of 2005. The main provision of the bill would require Title X clinics operated by states and funded by the federal government to notify parents 5 days in advance of providing contraceptive drugs to minor children. Senator Coburn, who is a medical doctor, points out that he is required to receive parental consent for any medical treatment he gives; however, Title X clinics can give out life altering drugs to girls not even old enough to get a library card. To obtain Tylenol from the school nurse requires a note from a parent, but birth control can be given to very young girls with no parental consent. Senator Coburn said he would vigorously promote the passage of the bill.


Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has been forced to withdraw her amendment to a spending bill that would have forced Christians to violate their beliefs. As I reported last week it is her position that a Christian doctor should be forced to perform abortions and that Christian pharmacists should be forced to fill prescriptions for abortion drugs such as the "morning after pill." Fortunately the Senate is changing and Senator Boxer could not find sufficient Senators who wanted to force doctors to perform abortions to back her. Her amendment has been withdrawn.


The liberal Democrats are in for a real problem on ethics because of their attacks on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX). The House leadership has withdrawn Ethics Committee changes they previously made, making it easier to call for Ethics Committee hearings. This is what the liberals wanted until Speaker Hastert gave it to them this week. Now the shredding machines are busy all over the Hill. The fact is that dozens of Democrats may now find themselves facing Ethics investigations over gifts and trips abroad. Mrs. Pelosi, the House Democrat Leader, herself took a junket to Puerto Rico paid for by lobbyists, in clear violation of the ethics rules of the House. Watch for the Democrats to back off their demands for hearings on Tom DeLay.



"The Americans came into Afghanistan and the women were able to take off their burkas and taste freedom. Here, the Americans come in and we are forced to cover ourselves and become chattels", says an Iraqi Christian woman. The London Telegraph and the Washington Times have recently exposed the deteriorating situation for Christian and secular women in Iraq. Click here for full story.


Despite the fact that the State Department has determined that there is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, that nation still remains an "ally" of the United States. As a result Saudi leaders see no need to stop their despicable and violent behavior toward non Muslims. Just before leaving for the United States to visit President George W. Bush in Crawford, Texas, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah ordered the arrest of 40 Pakistani Christians. Their crime? The Christians were caught praying in a private home. (Click here for full story)


Seven priests belonging to the Diocese of Zhengding, Heibei were arrested at 5:30 PM April 27 Beijing time in Wuqiu Village of Jinzhou city. The seven priests had traveled from their parishes for a religious retreat. (Click here for full story)


The Jerusalem Post is reporting that there are more than 10,000 Messianic Jews in 80 Messianic congregations across Israel. In addition to Messianic Jews there are also many thousands of Christians from backgrounds other than Jewish in Israel. It is believed that there are currently 4,000 members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) who have taken their oath to protect Israel on the New Testament. Click here for full story,

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