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Week Ending April 8, 2005
April 8, 2005 4:16PM EST




Today President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II. This is the first time an American President has ever attended the funeral of a Pope and is by all accounts unprecedented. This comes just a little more than four decades after the first election of a Roman Catholic, President John F. Kennedy, to America's highest office. During his campaign for the presidency Kennedy was dogged with questions about his loyalty to the Pope rather than to the Constitution. President George W. Bush's official statement on the passing of the Pope was full of praise for this great man whom he admired. Pope John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in Poland in 1920 and lived to see both the nazi and communist occupations of his nation come to an end. He was a liberator to his nation and an enemy of communist repression which led to an attempted assassination of him by communist agents in 1981. John Paul II maintained his faith and dignity to his last breath.



Liberals control the Senate even though Republicans hold the most seats. Often Republican Senators cross the aisle and vote with ultra liberals such as Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) on issues such as abortion. On Tuesday April 6th seven Republican Senators voted with Barbara Boxer to do away with a key component of Ronald Reagan's pro-life agenda, the Mexico City Policy. Under Mexico City, no foreign NGO could receive funding from the United States if it performs or promotes abortion in family planning. The way Republicans voted illustrates the key difference between the old fashioned Richard Nixon Republicans and the Reagan-Bush Republicans of today. Senator John Warner (R-VA) who is considered a defense hawk and an ultra conservative on tax issues voted for Barbara Boxer's amendment to the Foreign Authorization Act to overturn the Administration's Mexico City Policy. The other six Republicans who hate us social conservatives are: Collins (R-ME); Murkowski (R-AK); Smith (R-OR); Snowe (R-ME); Specter (R-PA); and Stevens (R-AK). Note that both Alaska Senators voted pro-abortion. As a result of the votes of social liberal Republicans in the Senate, we will have to work hard to have this pro-death language removed by the House. As I am a Virginia resident, I have written a strong letter of disappointment to Senator Warner. I would urge you to contact any Senator who wants the US government to fund abortion abroad. Click here to see how your Senator voted.


Every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee failed to appear for hearings on judicial nominees Thursday, shutting down the committee. A good source says that Committee chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) set the meeting time to accommodate Senator Chuck Schumer of New York (D-NY) who then did a no-show. Among the judges to be reviewed today were Priscilla Owen, Terrence Boyle and Thomas Griffith. The committee was also scheduled to work on S-378, the Reducing Crime and Terrorism at America's Seaports Act. This is a clear indication that the Democrats want to force Senate Republicans to use extreme measures to pass legislation and confirm judges. With so many Republicans voting with the Democrats on social and other issues, they apparently still are an effective force in the Senate to block nominees and legislation.



By the time this update arrives in your mail box I will be well on my way to the Holy Land. While there I will inspect various projects supported by the Religious Freedom Coalition including renovations to a Christian School in Samaria. I will also visit with the families who make the olive oil soap to support themselves. Regrettably, while there I will have to inform families and organizations of a reduction in our funding to them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to raise funds for Christians in need in Islamic areas. Using both the Internet and direct mail we raised less than a third of the funds required. Oddly the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and many big corporate donors give to Islamic charities in the areas where we work in the West Bank. Because we do not assist Muslims in these areas we cannot obtain funds from the major foundations. The RFC is a religious organization and in Israel and the West Bank we help only Christian institutions and families. To hear an audio message from me about the situation of Christians in Samaria please click here . Contributions to our West Bank (Samaria) projects can still be made using our online secure server. Our mailing address is at the bottom of the page or click here to give online.

PRICE REDUCED FOR OLIVE OIL SOAP! part of our ongoing support of Christian Palestinians we have been making available the handmade olive oil soap from Samaria for about $5.00 a bar for several years. Part of the cost was the shipment by air from Israel. We have now been able to arrange transportation of a large quantity by ship and this has allowed us to reduce the price and still send the same amount of money to Christian Palestinian families. The handmade olive oil soap is now just $3.95 per bar! To learn more about this handmade olive oil soap click here.


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The RFC Internet store which feature items such as the handmade olive oil soap is located at In addition we are associated with "general store" with thousands of Christian items. Click here to visit our general store.

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