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Every week of 2004 I have done my best to furnish you and tens of thousands of others with genuine inside information from Capitol Hill on issues important to social conservatives. The Religious Freedom Coalition's weekly Legislative Updates are e-mailed and then posted at our Internet site, which has tens of thousands of readers per week as well.

The Religious Freedom Coalition is a known source of social conservative information and activism in Washington, DC. Our offices are located on 2nd Street, just a few blocks from the Capitol, and members of our staff are on a first name basis with many members of both the House and Senate.

There are many fine conservative organizations working to bring about positive social change in the United States, but very few of them actually have offices in Washington, DC and there is a reason for that. Operating an office in the nation's capital near the center of world power is simply expensive. However, it is virtually impossible to influence congressmen and Senators unless you are able to stop them in the Halls of the Capitol and look into their eyes and talk to them one on one. Every week that Congress is in session members of the Religious Freedom Coalition staff talk directly to congressmen and Senators about issues important to you and your family.

Operating a staffed office in Washington, DC is expensive. If operating here were cheap there would be hundreds of conservative organizations located near the Capitol. The Religious Freedom Coalition is one of less than twenty or so social conservative organizations with actual officers or representatives in Washington. We get great results, but at a price. To operate effectively in Washington requires staff and state of the art communications.

The Religious Freedom Coalition is closing 2004 well behind our operating budget despite aggressive attempts to meet this year's goals. In 2004 we had some extraordinary expenses which drove up our budget including organized attacks on our Internet site that forced us to obtain our own server. Despite those expenses we have been faithful in our support of Christian schools in the West Bank and to our other obligations to Christians living in Islamic dominated areas of the world. We have continued to press for genuine religious freedom in repressive areas through fact finding missions, the publishing of White Papers and our presence at United Nations forums. (Click here for 2004 review.)

BOTTOM LINE: To break even for 2004 the Religious Freedom Coalition needs to receive an additional funds by close of business this Friday, December 31st. If the funds do not come in, either in the form of contributions or sales at our Internet store, we will begin 2005 in the red. Contributions are Tax Deductible!

There are just a few days left in the year and we at the Religious Freedom Coalition remain hopeful that God will, through His people, supply the needs of this organization. If you are planning a tax deductible gift for 2004, it is now possible to donate online to specific projects of the RFC, both domestic and International. To make a contribution to our work click here. If you receive the text version of this message please go to

Thank you for your support of the Religious Freedom Coalition. All of us at the Religious Freedom Coalition wish you and your family a blessed New Year!

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, P.O. Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013. Phone: (202) 543-0300

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