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Week Ending December 17, 2004
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Conservative groups have been watching closely the new Cabinet as it forms. Many Americans do not realize that hundreds of thousands of people work directly for Cabinet members. As an example, the Department of Health and Human Services employs more than 66,000 people and in addition, through grants, influences state government agencies as well. A strong conservative leader hires conservatives! Because of the nature of HHS social conservative groups hoped that departing Secretary Tommy Thompson would be replaced by a far more pro-life individual. The President has chosen Mike Leavitt, former governor of Utah and currently the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Leavitt is a self-proclaimed "pro-lifer;" however, as governor of Utah he vetoed legislation to stop graphic, inappropriate materials being used in sex-ed classes in that state. While talking the talk, he has not always walked the walk and we are encouraging conservative Senators to ask him tough questions during his confirmation hearings. (RFC photo gallery of Presidential events click here)


Each year the President and his staff prepare a movie based on the First Dog for America's kids. It is fun even for adults to watch. To view go to and click on Barney's picture!



On Monday, December 13th a private meeting was held in Virginia by principles of national social conservative organizations to outline an agenda for 2005. The major areas discussed for legislative action next year were:


Major organizations decided to continue the push for the Federal Marriage Amendment and Congressman Hostettler's Marriage Protection Act. Hostettler's bill passed the House in 2004 but failed in the Senate. Work is also planned on the Healthy Marriage Initiative.

Religious Liberties

Congressman Walter Jones' Houses of Worship Act which would free clergy from IRS censorship will be a top priority. This will probably be addressed when the issue of 527 organizations comes to the forefront in 2005. The President has indicated he wants to clamp down on 527 participation in political campaigns. Court limitation acts such as those proposed by Congressmen Akin, Pikering and Aderholt will also be addressed.


The Children's Hope Act, as well as various school choice legislation will be promoted, but it is not likely that any voucher programs will be addressed in 2005.

Life Issues

Human cloning and stem cell research will be hot buttons in the 109th Congress and major battles are expected as secularists try to manipulate human life in the test tube for the sake of some highly dubious medical gains. The growing of young humans to cannibalize their cells and tissues is part of the secular agenda. Researchers have actually proposed growing brainless embryos to allow the harvesting of "useful" parts. Life issues also consist of the Child Custody Protection Act, Abortion Non-discrimination Act, Abstinence Funding, Parental Right to Know and the continuing battle over RU-486. The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act will be fought the hardest by pro-abortion forces.

Other Issues

Judicial nominees, particularly any appointments to the Supreme Court, will drain the resources of conservative groups. Hollywood perverts, the ACLU, homosexual activists and the like will devote many millions of dollars to stopping pro-life judges from being confirmed. Social conservative groups will also try to expand efforts to stop sex trafficking and protect our children from broadcast obscenity.



Economic conservatives in the Republican Party see no problem with Civil Unions believing that legitimizing sodomy under a government contract will not affect heterosexual marriages. They better think again. In 1999 the French created the Pacte Civil de Solidarite (PaCS) which in English is Civil Solidarity Pact. The PaCS granted those who signed them most of the privileges of marriage, including forcing companies to give vacations at the same time for the "partners". Five years later the newspaper La Monde declares the PaCS a "triumph." According to a French Parliament report 60 percent of the PaCS were concluded by heterosexual couples. "With its recognition in the civil code, the PaCS is putting an end to the monopoly marriage used to have in organizing the common social life of any two persons," the report gleefully concluded. The French government is happy because the weaker the family unit the stronger the state. Europe is moving fast toward totalitarianism with censorship increasing in virtually every aspect of society. European governments regularly jail people for their opinions, particularly if they are socially conservatives. Republicans who favor Civil Unions don't understand that such legally recognized alternatives to marriage hasten the death of the family wherever they are enacted.


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