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Week Ending December 10, 2004
December 12, 2004 7:31AM EST




The management staff of the Religious Freedom Coaltion has been on a retreat this week planning a legislative and international agenda for 2005. As a result I am unable to report on any congressional activites in Washington, DC this week. This Update will return to its normal format next week. Much of the work of the RFC in Washington, DC is financed by purchases from out Internet store which this year has many Christmas themed items which are mentioned below.

CHRISTMAS AT RFC are receiving a lot of orders this Christmas for the handmade olive oil complexion soap made by Christian families on the West Bank who have no other source of income. The men have been separated from their families because of death warrants issued against them by the Palestinian Authority. We still have a few hundred bars of the soap on hand; however, because of security issues in Israel and the West Bank we will not be receiving any more shipments this year. Please order early to insure you receive some your handmade olive oil complexion soap before Christmas. Because of our work in the Holy Land, and also with the defense of the public display of the Ten Commandments in the United States, we are offering the Ten Commandments etched in Jerusalem stone. We also have Christmas ornaments and inspirational ties for men. There are also DVD copies of George W. Bush, Faith in the White House still available. Proceeds from sales at our Internet store assist us in our work both in the United States and internationally. AND: we still have copies of my first book detailing my life in an atheist home before I became a Christian. Our store is located at

William J. Murray, Chairman

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