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Week Ending October 29, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalition
October 29, 2004 7:22PM EST





For the past week the New York Times has released one negative story after the other about President George W. Bush that has been picked up by the national news media. One story this week reported that 380 tons of "high explosives" had gone missing in Iraq. The NY Times failed to mention that no one had seen the "missing" explosives since well before the war. Further, an Army Major has come forward to state a 3rd Army Corps removed the explosives after the area was captured. (See related story) The New York Times source on the story was an agency of the United Nations which had no knowelege of what our troops may or may not have done. The Secretary General of the UN, Koki Annan, has made it clear he does not want George W. Bush as President of the United States and he has used the international body he leads to release one sided information to smear the President. I expect more "new" anti-Bush revelations from UN officials just days before the election. On Saturday or Sunday I also expect fabricated revelations about President George W. Bush to appear in the New York Times which has, for all intent and purpose, become the media arm of the Democrat Party. A final note: The New York Times "scooped" the explosives story from Dan Rather and his CBS 60 Minutes team had planned on broadcasting three days before the election.


In Last Friday's legislative update I mentioned that my wife, my daughter and I were going to run the Army Ten Miler in Washington, DC on Sunday. We did and I was simply amazed at the left-wingers who showed up with anti-Bush banners to display to the runners. As we crossed the Memorial Bridge a group held up a huge banner that said "Run Against Bush." Other signs along the ten mile run had slogans such as "Dump Bush." Interestingly, none of the signs had John Kerry's name on them. Throughout this election cycle there has been virtually no positive message from the Kerry camp. Most of the PAC's and 527 organizations have run "hate Bush" campaigns without ever mentioning John Kerry's name. As I mentioned in previous updates, the election is about George W. Bush and Kerry has very little to do with it, he just happens to be along for the ride. This is a shame, because anyone who honestly examines Senator John Kerry's history should be shaking with fear that he could even come close to becoming President of the United States. Recent documents uncovered in Vietnam era archives show clearly that he lied about the number of times he met Viet Cong leaders, while still a commissioned officer in the Navy, and that he lied about the involvement of enemy agents in the anti-war campaign he was a leader of during that era. It does not stop there. During the second debate with George W. Bush, he lied about meeting members of the UN Security Council . Only four of the members of the Security Council said they met with him briefly before the Iraq war. He even lied about getting a cell phone message from Christopher Reeve about stem cell research the day before he died. The day before Reeve died, he was in a coma and had been for days. He even lied about owning an SUV. Kerry says that the people need to elect him to restore "honesty" to the White House. Yet, Kerry has told outright lies at extremely high profile moments. If the election were about the two candidates rather than just about George W. Bush, I honestly believe John Kerry would not have 25% of the vote.


The last time a Democrat was in the White House, Janet Reno was the Attorney General of the United States. During her term she kept a secret database of pro-life organizations the agency spied on, called VAAPCON. On the other hand, Attorney General John Ashcroft is a "right-wing" Christian who has come forward to defend the rights of Christians in our politically correct society. When a school board in New Jersey would not allow the Good News Club to meet, the club filed suit. Attorney General John Ashcroft's Justice Department filed a brief on the side of the Good News Club, a Christian organization. (See document) If John Kerry becomes the next President of the United States, John Ashcroft will be out, and some trial lawyer who contributed heavily to John Edwards will be in that job and will be enforcing a politically correct, anti-Christian, pro-gay agenda. Think about it.



Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, age 80, has been hospitalized for treatment of thyroid cancer. It is very doubtful that the Chief Justice, one of the most conservative in modern times, will serve for four more years. Thus, whoever is President during the next four years will appoint his successor. Senator John Kerry looked in a TV camera during the debates and promised that he would nominate only pro-abortion judges to the federal bench. In other words, if he is elected President next Tuesday he will replace the very conservative Chief Justice Rehnquist with, at best, a liberal pro-abortionist. Insiders in his campaign have mentioned a former Clinton Solicitor General who once said, "The least costly treatment for any illness is lethal injection." Another of his possible Supreme Court candidates, Seth Waxman, has stated, " There is no constitutional right under the Second Amendment to own or use a gun." And there may be more room on the Court as Justice John Paul Stevens is four years older than Rehnquist and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is 74 years old. When you walk into the polls next Tuesday remember that you are voting for both the President and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.



Congress will be in recess until after the election. Members will probably return for a few days beginning November 16th to try to finish work on some of the appropriations bills to keep the government in the business of spending money. Once they adjourn from that lame duck session, I don't expect them to return until 2005.



RFC Executive Director Peggy Birchfield returned from a trip to the United Nations where she and others worked for a resolution banning human cloning. For Peggy's report from New York click here. Peggy has been working with United Nations officials for almost a year to move the Religious Freedom Coalition to Permanent NGO status, to make our work there more efficient. Please pray with us that UN officials will grant us the official status in the near future.


Please remember that our organization continues to support evangelical Christian families on the West Bank who have converted from Islam to Christianity. These families are ostracized and some of the men of the families are actually on a death list. The families produce handmade complexion soap made of pure olive oil as their only means of support. We sell the soap in the United States for them. Because the soap is made in the West Bank, acts of terrorism cut the supply lines to us. It is for that reason that the soap is only mentioned from time to time. We do have the soap back in stock as of this week, however, we have fewer than 100 bars remaining. Please consider purchasing some of this handmade soap to support these families. For more information click here or on the image.


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