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Week Ending October 15, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalition
October 15, 2004 4:41PM EST





The presidential debates are over and the liberal media has picked their winner. ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC declared John Kerry the winner of all three debates and are now pushing a full scale agenda to get him into the White House. All three major broadcast networks are running stories almost every night that attack the positions of President George W. Bush, whether the issue is the "death tax" or same-sex marriage. Just the other night Dan Rather found an old farmer to interview who said it didn't matter to him if his farm had to be sold to pay taxes when he dies. Rather then said that no farm or small business would be affected by the death of the owner. It would be laughable if these broadcast media stations did not still have some clout with folks that can't afford or are unable to obtain cable or satellite news sources.

The final debate made one thing clear, something the liberal media wants to sweep under the rug. John Kerry is an extremist on the issue of abortion and there should now be no doubt in anyone's mind about it. Kerry made it clear in the final debate that he would appoint only pro-abortion judges to the federal bench. Twice he stated that there would be no room for any pro-life judge at any bench while he was President. This means he will give a "religious test" to judges in direct violation of the Constitution. Anyone who disagrees with Roe v. Wade will not be welcome in a Kerry Administration. He also promised to cut the cost of medical insurance of every small business in half, reduce the cost of medicine in America, make sure every American had health insurance even if the government had to pay for it, and that he would do all this while reducing the taxes of just about everyone. Earlier, John Edwards had actually said that if Kerry was elected paralyzed people would walk again (because of embryonic stem cell research.) Listening to Kerry is sort of like listening to a gay preacher who says he can get you into heaven no matter what immoral act you commit. - Just in: The Rasmussen rolling poll shows Bush 49 - Kerry 46.


The Democratic National Committee launched a new Internet site called which instructs people to "Share it with your pastor and ask if you can distribute it at your church." Oddly it is the Democrats, particularly the liberal Democrats who are always screaming about "separation of church and state." The liberal media is almost constantly complaining about President George W. Bush "pandering" to the Christian right. Yet not a single evening news show has talked about this very blatant illegal activity on the part of Democrats. After receiving numerous complaints the DNC changed the site to tell people to pass out the pro-Kerry material where "large numbers of people gather."


The Religious Freedom Action Coalition has begun a mailing campaign to warn pastors of churches in traditionally liberal denominations that they could lose their tax-exempt status if they promote John Kerry from the pulpit. The organization has already filed complaints against churches that have openly allowed John Kerry and his surrogates to campaign. The mailing is in answer to years of mailings by liberal groups warning conservative preachers not to participate in the political process. For information go to .


To receive a copy of George W. Bush, Faith in the White House before the election please order it this weekend. So far our ministry has shipped thousands of copies to individuals and churches. We can ship a copy directly to a pastor or a Sunday School teacher as a gift. We are shipping all orders first class for speedy delivery; however, one-day or two-day UPS is available. The DVD and VHS versions are in stock and ready to ship. The 72 minute version on DVD explores the faith of George W. Bush, how it came about, and how it affects his life today. The documentary commentator is nationally known Christian conservative radio show host Janet Parshall. If you have friends and neighbors who don't understand the effect Christ can have on a nation's leader when he really believes the Gospel, I would recommend that you obtain a copy for them. The DVD and VHS versions are available for just $12.95 each and if you order two or more the shipping is free. For information click here.



WE DID IT ... The "hate crimes" language has been stripped out of the final House conference report of the Defense Authorization Act. Because this language has been removed from the House version of the bill it cannot be added to the bill by the Senate conferees. The "hate crimes" language would have made it a crime to insult the homosexual lifestyle. Liberals in the Senate want it in there to silence preachers and citizens and force them to accept homosexual acts as normal. During the critical week of negotiations on the conference committee language, the Religious Freedom Coalition presented the case of the Swedish pastor who was ordered to serve 30 days in jail for quoting Scripture that said homosexuality is a sin. Ted Kennedy and other supporters of "hate crimes" language say it will not affect freedom of religious speech. That is exactly what the Swedish government said two years ago when it passed that nation's version of "hate crimes" legislation. Just six months after the law's passage, Pastor Ake Green was arrested. To read the entire Conference Report click here.


The entire process of funding the government should have been completed prior to the new fiscal year which began on October 1, 2004. A chart has been prepared showing the status of all of the major funding bills. In reviewing the chart you will note that virtually all bills passed the Republican led House. Because 60 votes are needed to remove the "hold" of a single Senator on a bill or a judicial nomination these spending bills have been stalled in the Senate, primarily by Senator Daschle (D-SD). Senator Daschle believes that Senator John Kerry will take over the office of President in January and that the two men will be able to re-craft the bills allowing taxpayer funded abortions and a host of other liberal agenda items. In reality Tom Daschle may not even be back in January because he is several points behind Republican John Thune in the latest polls in South Dakota. To view the chart click here.


Congress will be in recess until after the election. Members will probably return for a few days beginning November 16th to try to finish work on some of the appropriations bills to keep the government in the business of spending money. Once they adjourn from that lame duck session I don't expect them to return until 2005.



The Supreme Court delivered big news this week when it agreed to review cases centered on the Ten Commandments. Federal Courts have ordered the Ten Commandments removed from public property when they stand alone and the Supreme Court has in the past agreed with those decisions. However, those who hate the sight of the Commandments want to go even further. Lawsuits have been filed around the nation demanding that the Ten Commandments be removed from public property even when displayed with other "historical" documents including the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In the mind of men such as former ACLU attorney Barry Lynn who heads Americans United For Separation of Church and State, any public display of anything of a religious nature must be stopped. He praised the Supreme Court for taking the case and demanded that they bury the Ten Commandments from public view once and for all. The Court is split and we must pray for a right headed decision. More social conservatives are needed on the Supreme Court but John Kerry has promised that if he is elected he will only appoint pro-abortionists. Those kind of people usually don't want reminded of what sin is and the Ten Commandments do just that. This would be a good time to display your support of the Ten Commandments. We still have more than one hundred of our custom made Ten Commandments ties in stock! These ties were manufactured of pure silk specifically for the Religious Freedom Coalition and are not available anywhere else. To order click here or on image.



This past week I visited the home of Moroccan Ambassador Aziz Mekouar to attend a reception promoting a Christian music concert to be held in Morocco in May of next year. This is a major breakthrough in what is officially an Islamic country and comes as a direct result of a fact finding mission several evangelical leaders, including myself, conducted to Morocco in April. As the event moves forward and matures I will provide further details. If you have an interest in visiting Morocco and want details of the Christian concert there May 6-8, 2005 please contact us at The Interparliamentary Conference on Human Rights and Religious Freedom I attend every year in Brussels, Belgium will be moved to Morocco in 2005 to highlight the advances made as the nation moves toward being a more secular state.


Please remember that our organization continues to support evangelical Christian families on the West Bank who have converted from Islam to Christianity. These familles are ostracized and some of the men of the families are actually on a death list. The families produce handmade complexion soap made of pure olive oil as their only means of support. We sell the soap in the United States for them. Because the soap is made in the West Bank, acts of terrorism cut the supply lines to us. It is for that reason that the soap is only mentioned from time to time. We do have the soap back in stock as of this week. Please consider purchasing some of this handmade soap to support these families. For more information click here.

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