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Week Ending September 3, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalition
September 4, 2004 9:22AM EST





Before leaving Washington, DC last week for the Republican National Convention in New York City, I predicted that Senator John Kerry would drop below the 45 point level and that President George W. Bush would begin to move well into the lead. Before the President even spoke at the Republican convention he had moved well into the lead, with the Rasmussen Poll for the first time showing him ahead in both the popular and Electoral College vote. The private polls I have seen show Bush further ahead than those that are being made public. Understandably, John Kerry is in panic mode. At midnight on Thursday he held a press conference in Ohio attacking President Bush which was carried live only by CNN, the official Kerry network for this election. (CNN spent more money on convention coverage than any network and FOXNEWS  had the greatest number of viewers ... Hmmm.) During the Democratic Convention a more confident George W. Bush stayed at his ranch and did little campaigning, which is the tradition. But Democrats don't honor tradition, or morals, for that matter. Not a single conservative attempted to disrupt the Democrat convention in Boston. On the other hand several people had to be carried out of the Republican Convention, two of them during the President's speech. These "demonstrators" entered the convention with stolen or altered credentials. Some of those entering actually obtained "internships" with the news media, pretending to be working. This is typical of those in the far left who tend generally dishonor God, their nation and most of the greatness that America stands for.

The Republican Convention speakers for the most part did a great job ... of the prime time speakers, other than the President, those with the best presentation and the better organized speeches were Arnold Swarzenegger, Democrat Senator Zell Miller and Governor George Pataki. I admired Rudy Giuliani's presentation, but the softer and more heartfelt presentation by George Pataki, whom I disagree with on many social issues, touched me. During his prime time address, he took the time to stop and thank all of America for the response to the 9-11 Jihad attack on New York City. He also offered what I thought was the best line of the convention when he said, "This fall we're going to win one for the Gipper. But our opponents - they're going lose one with the Flipper."
Of all the convention speakers, Senator Zell Miller offered the harshest attack on John Kerry, but his attacks were accurate. He listed, one by one, the military programs Kerry had voted against, including the Stealth Bomber, the B-1, the F-14A and Apache helicopter and many more. He asked how Kerry planned to defend the nation as commander-in-chief without all the programs he had voted against, "...using spit balls?" On the final day President George W. Bush  closed the convention by delivering the speech he needed to deliver, touching on major domestic and international issues. During that speech he showed a hard side to our enemies, a soft side to those in need, combined with the ability to be critical of himself. On the issues most important to social conservatives the President said:

"In this world of change, some things do not change: the values we try to live by, the institutions that give our lives meaning and purpose. Our society rests on a foundation of responsibility and character and family commitment. Because family and work are sources of stability and dignity, I support welfare reform that strengthens family and requires work. Because a caring society will value its weakest members, we must make a place for the unborn child. Because religious charities provide a safety net of mercy and compassion, our government must never discriminate against them. Because the union of a man and woman deserves an honored place in our society, I support the protection of marriage against activist judges. And I will continue to appoint federal judges who know the difference between personal opinion and the strict interpretation of the law."


Officially I represented Government Is Not God - PAC at the convention, but in reality I represented the social conservative cause. During the convention I did interviews with many radio, TV and print media, including the New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times. I kept a journal of the activities of our staff and the activities inside the Hospitality Suite we co-sponsored at the New Yorker Hotel. To read a full report on our activities at the convention please click here .

FAITH IN THE WHITE HOUSE hospitality suite at the New Yorker Hotel was used by Grizzly Adams Productions to introduce their new video documentary, George W. Bush, Faith in the White House . The 72 minute version on DVD explores the faith of George W. Bush, how it came about, and how it affects his life today. The documentary commentator is nationally known Christian conservative radio show host Janet Parshall. I watched the documentary twice and I can honestly tell you that it is worth the little more than an hour that it takes to view it. If you have friends and neighbors who don't understand the effect Christ can have on a nation's leader when he really believes the Gospel, I would recommend that you obtain a copy for them. The DVD's are available at the RFC Internet store for just $12.95 each and if you order two or more the shipping is free. We are offering the DVD at a discount below retail because I believe it is important that President George W. Bush's faith in Christ should be known and understood by voters, particularly between now and an election that will set the course of our nation for the 21st century. For information click here or on the image.



Congress has been in recess for a prolonged period of time primarily because of the Democrat and Republican political conventions. Next Tuesday the legislative fireworks will once again start up on Capitol Hill and we will be there. First thing Tuesday morning our Executive Director Peggy Birchfield and I will be at the State Department for an event with the Director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Later in the day we will attend a meeting chaired by Senator Brownback of Kansas and afterward a meeting on religious liberties chaired by Senator Santorum of Pennsylvania. The rest of the week will be just as full, and you will receive a full report next Friday.

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