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Week Ending August 6, 2004
August 7, 2004 5:49AM EST




As I am in Brussels, Belgium at a conference on religious freedom I did not originally plan on writing about any domestic issues in this week's legislative update ... then the Kerry for President camp just handed me the kind of story I can't keep away from. The new "religious advisor" to Senator John Kerry previously joined the lawsuit filed by atheist Michael Newdow to remove the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag! Kerry's new "religious advisor" - Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson - was one of thirty-two clergy members to file an amicus curiae brief in behalf of Michael Newdow. This is the woman that John Kerry plans to send to America's religious groups as his representative. Polls show that almost all Christians and the vast majority of even non-Christians in America, do not want "under God" removed from the Pledge. So what religious groups is she going to represent John Kerry to? Gay Unitarians?


Before the Democratic convention in Boston in July there were almost daily stories about the 10 to 15 point "convention bounce" Senator John Kerry would be getting in the polls. I for one wondered where these 10% to 15% of the voters were going to come from. The polls I had seen, both public and private, showed the race at around 47% to 47%. There are only about six percent in the middle who are undecided, and most of those folks are not going to vote anyway. In a USA Today/CNN poll taken over a period of three days at the conclusion of the convention Kerry actually went down in the polls. According to the USA /CNN poll, Kerry was ahead in likely voters before the convention and then dropped behind Bush by the conclusion of the convention. Bush led by 50 - 46 among likely voters.

Here is the bottom line ... which I have stated before... there are virtually no undecided voters and Kerry is not as much a factor in the race as he thinks he is. If the Democrats had nominated a one-eyed dog named Osama the numbers would be about what they are today. This election in the minds of most Americans is about President George W. Bush and only President George W. Bush. The Bush hating millionaires in Hollywood, led by Michael Moore, would rather see Saddam Hussein in the White House than George W. Bush. Who the Democrat candidate is means nothing to the people who are financing the hate Bush campaign, which includes everything from letters in daily newspapers to feature length films. The Democrats hate this man, period. The question in this election has to do more with turnout and not "undecided" voters, simply because there are virtually no "undecided" voters. Whichever camp can get their voters to the polls on November 2nd wins. We will see if the enthusiasm for George W. Bush in the Republican camp can overcome the hatred for him in the Democrat camp. Kerry who?


On August 4 the citizens of Missouri stampeded the booths to cast their votes in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage. Over 70 percent of all Missourians are in full support of the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. This initial victory sets the stage for a showdown between those who support the God-ordained institution of marriage and those who are trying to redefine this time-honored bedrock of civilization. Missouri is the first state to pass an amendment banning same-sex marriage since the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled to legalize it. Currently nine more states are scheduled for a similar vote in the next several months to determine whether or not to ban homosexual marriage. These states include Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah. The media has consistently portrayed Americans who oppose homosexual marriages as a small group of staunch religious rights who are imposing their beliefs on the majority. This past week demonstrated that the American people as a whole don't want same-sex "marriage."

A note of concern regarding the issue of same-sex marriage involves a judge in the state of Washington who is taking the liberty to define marriage in stark opposition to the general consensus of the people. A day after the Missouri landslide victory, a superior court judge in King County, Washington, declared that the state's constitution mandates that same-sex couples receive marriage licenses. The House passed the Marriage Protection Act ( H.R. 3313) on July 22, which removes federal judges from cases involving the federal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act); now it goes on to the Senate. Again this highlights the need for legislation that will prevent activist judges from imposing their liberal agenda.



As I mentioned above I am in Brussels, Belgium for the Interparliametary Conference on Human Rights and Religious Freedom. Rather than attempt to give a complete report in this update, I have prepared a lengthy summary and posted it as a separate article at our Internet site. For the current report on the conference please click here.

The biggest surprise for me here was the number of representatives from democratic nations who believe that censorship of speech and the press can somehow create a better society. Indeed one individual bragged how a newspaper was closed after making an anti-Semitic statement ... not forced to print an opposing view ... closed. What continued to go through my mind during my role as the moderator of the panel on anti-Semitism was, "Who decides what is so bad to print that a newspaper should be closed?" Fortunately we don't have to worry about newspapers being shut down for what they print, at least not yet.


Shortly after this conference concludes I will travel to Kosovo on a fact finding mission to view the destruction of Christian homes and churches since NATO and the UN took control of that Serbian province. Most Christians now live in small ghetto-like enclaves unable to safely travel to schools or hospitals. Prior to leaving I authorized the purchase of three medical kits containing sufficient antibiotics and other drugs to care for a total of 1500 people for up to three months. It isn't much, but it was all we could do for now. The kits will be carried directly to Belgrade by the part of the team traveling directly from the United States this weekend. We will then drive the supplies to clinics having the most need in Kosovo. I will try to report to you directly from Kosovo on the situation there next week.


Holy Land Soap is still available for shipment this week. This fresh handmade soap from the Holy Land is made from olive oil. The soap is made by Christian Palestinians in the West Bank. This is the ONLY income of the Christian families involved. Two of the men are under death warrants issued by the PLO. The soap is made by the families. For more information on the soap, its cost and how we obtain it from the families in the West Bank click here or on the image. PLEASE NOTE: Our purpose in selling this soap is to support the families involved ... once the last family has received permission to move to a Western nation, we will no longer be making the soap available. We are making progress!


I am inviting conservative Christians to enjoy the Caribbean with my wife and me and other staff members of the Religious Freedom Coalition. There will be virtually no organized activities for the group other than meeting each other and having dinner at the same tables- fellowshipping with other Christians. If we do this cruise, it will basically be a vacation for Christians who share common beliefs and goals. Nothing is set in concrete and I am only trying to gauge interest. We have already received many responses from people interested in taking this vacation so if you are interested and we have not heard from you yet, please contact us at EVENTS.


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