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Week Ending July 23, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalitioin
July 23, 2004 5:04PM EST





The Marriage Protection Act (HR 3331) authored by Congressman John Hostettler (R-IN) was passed by the House yesterday by a clear majority of 233 to 194 with 206 Republicans and 27 Democrats voting for traditional marriage. The media has consistently referred to the Marriage Protection Act as the "Super DOMA" because it strengthens the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 by prohibiting federal courts from finding it unconstitutional. Most Americans do not understand that the Constitution gives the Congress the power to limit the courts as to which issues they may or may not decide. The Founders of our nation never wanted the courts to have unlimited power, that is, power over the elected representatives of the people. In Article 3, Section II , the Constitution even gives the Congress authority over the Supreme Court stating: "In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make."

The Religious Freedom Coalition has consistently supported Congressman Hostettler in his efforts to pass the Marriage Protection Act. On July 6th, only four groups showed up at a press conference to support Congressman Hostettler and the Marriage Protection Act. I was there representing the Religious Freedom Coalition. Other groups present included Concerned Women of America and Eagle Forum. Most other groups placed all their game pieces on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Just prior to the vote the Bush Administration issued a statement in favor of passage. Well, we won and we won big!

The Marriage Protection Act is a states' rights bill. It says the states can write their own laws about marriage, but for federal purposes marriage is between a man and a woman. Further, the bill states as did DOMA that no state must accept a marriage certificate for a same-sex wedding from another state. It then, as stated above, limits federal courts from finding otherwise. Last week in the Senate, Democrats fighting the Federal Marriage Amendment said marriage was a state issue and that a Constitutional Amendment was not required. OK, Mr. Daschle ... you said that marriage was an issue for the States, so now is your chance to vote for a bill that says exactly that.

As for all the other family groups that thought this was a lost cause and didn't help, I just want to say, "Welcome aboard. We still need your help to pass this in the Senate."


The Religious Freedom Coalition has strongly supported for many years Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) in his efforts to bring freedom of speech back to the pulpits of America. This is more urgent than ever as we read in the press of the arrests of preachers in Sweden and Canada for saying the "wrong things." In America, pastors are prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code from engaging in political speech. Did someone forget to tell Rev. Al Sharpton that he couldn't talk politics in church? He has actually taken up offerings for his campaign in African-American churches. Senator John Kerry was recently endorsed by an African-American pastor in a church. But Americans United for Separation of Church and State - a unit of the Democrat Party - sees no problem with this. The group is, however, mailing tens of thousands of letters to conservative, predominately white, congregations telling them that they will lose their tax exemption if they "endorse" candidates. The letter states that telling a congregation to vote "pro-life" is against the law because that is actually telling church members to vote Republican.

This has to stop and that is what the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act is all about. The bill would restore the freedom of speech all pastors had before it was removed by Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson back in the 1960's. If the bill passes, pastors don't have to live in fear that they will ruin the church financially if they tell their congregations to vote for candidates who support traditional marriage. The bill has the support of Tom DeLay and Speaker of the House Hastert and the majority of House members. Unfortunately Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) of the Ways and Means Committee doesn't like the bill and he has defied the House leadership and refused to release it from his committee. Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) may introduce the language from this bill into an appropriations bill at the conference level. Please pray he is successful because this is the only way churches will not be attacked this election year by the ACLU and "Rev" Barry Lynn's far left nut group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State. (See related article)



The resolution authored by Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) proclaiming that genocide is being conducted in the southern Sudan was passed by a voice vote in the Senate and then unanimously in the House. The resolution urges President Bush to seek a UN resolution to impose sanctions against "those responsible." Of course, the responsible party is the Islamic extremist government of the Sudan. Secretary of State Colin Powell immediately introduced new language for a resolution in the United Nations calling for action. (News conference) President George W. Bush urged the passage of the resolution. The Senate will now be in recess for six weeks.


For the third year in a row President George W. Bush has refused to fund the United Nations Family Planning Agency (UNFPA) because it uses funds to promote forced abortion and forced sterilization in nations such as China. (See story ) There is a huge divide between George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry on the abortion issue. While some in the pro-life movement criticize the President, the truth is that he has done all in his power to limit abortion not only in the United States, but anywhere in the world we have influence. This is perhaps one of the reasons he is so reviled by European leaders such as French President Jacques Chirac. Chirac, a Catholic, sees abortion as the answer to the world's population "problem" and he approves of the UN policy of forced abortions and sterilization. The French President would very much like to see Senator John Kerry as President of the United States because he is a fellow pro-abortion Catholic. For some reason most European leaders are just in love with the idea of aborting human beings and see no problem with suicide bombings in Israel. Senator Kerry has stated numerous times that President George W. Bush "isolates" America. He is very correct in that statement. President George W. Bush isolates America as the sole force of Biblical morality in the world today. French leaders are far too busy promoting the abortion of babies worldwide to bother with the genocide in Islamic Sudan or the slaughter of Christians in Kosovo. If Senator John Kerry becomes president we will once again be "in" with the pro-abortion, anti-free speech leaders of Europe.


KOSOVO urgently need funding for medical supplies for our Kosovo mission in August. Before the United Nations took over Kosovo from Serbia, that province had 250,000 Christians. All but 40,000 of those Christians have been ethnically cleansed from Kosovo. The few that remain in Kosovo live in ghetto like conditions. Christians cannot safely travel to the new hospitals built with our tax dollars, nor can their children safely attend schools built with our tax dollars. Christians are isolated and under constant attack. More than 150 churches have been destroyed as United Nations troops watched. In August I will personally travel to Kosovo with other Christian leaders to document the conditions there. Each "medical mission box" we are taking with us can treat up to 500 people for three months. Each box costs us $400.00. To help financially with this project click here or send a check to RFC Kosovo Project, PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013.

HOLY LAND Land Soap is once again available for shipment. This may be our final shipment! This fresh handmade soap from the Holy Land is made from olive oil. The soap is made by Christian Palestinians in the West Bank. This is the ONLY income of the Christian families involved. Two of the men are under death warrants issued by the PLO. The soap is made by the families. For more information on the soap, its cost and how we obtain it from the families in the West Bank click here or on the image.

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