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Week Ending February 13, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalition
February 14, 2004 10:09AM EST




San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom put California into the fight over same-sex marriage by ordering the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in defiance of state law. On Thursday before state officials could intervene, the city clerk began to issue marriage licenses and at least 15 actual "marriage" ceremonies were conducted. It is assumed that the city clerk has now entered those "marriages" into the record books. (See Fox News ) Although a family group has filed a suit against the practice, and while under California law issuing the marriage licenses was unlawful, the mayor's actions have escalated the situation. I do not believe that elected officials or leaders of the conservative movement understand the enormity of what has occurred in San Francisco. At least for the time being the issue of same sex marriage has been taken out of the hands of elected leaders and it has been placed in the courts. The marriage licenses exist. If Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Administration declares these "marriages" void, the matter will immediately go to a California courtroom.  Many California courts are just not rational and do not uphold the will of the people and their righteous laws. The people of California passed Proposition 22 with 60% of the vote, declaring that marriage is only between one man and one woman. Should courts find for the mayor in defiance of the will of the people of California, the practice will spread throughout areas of California controlled by Democrats. In essence homosexual marriage has been forced on the American people by the city of San Francisco and the only option now available to stop this abomination is a Constitutional amendment. Congress must not delay further. The Super DOMA protecting marriage must be passed to stop judicial activism while a Constitutional Amendment is pursued.



Democrat Party leader Terry McAuliffe and professional left-wing nitwit Michael Moore have managed to do what the White House team has been unable to do for many months. The two Democrats' attacks on President Bush's Air National Guard service record have united Republicans around him, even those angry over issues like increased spending for the National Endowment for the Arts and his immigration policy. Moreover, the public is so sickened by the unfair attacks on the President that the poll numbers have now moved away from Kerry in favor of Bush. This has shocked the Democrat camps so badly that Senator John Kerry, the most likely foe of Bush this fall, has ordered all his staff and supporters not to mention the President's military record again. (Kerry may have another reason not to want Vietnam to come up in the campaign. Click here to see the photo of Kerry and Jane Fonda at anti-war rally.)

Alleged comedian Michael Moore had said that President George W. Bush was a "deserter" from his Air National Guard unit and McAuliffe said he was "AWOL" or Absent Without Leave. Both of these are military crimes punishable by prison sentence and dishonorable discharge. President George W. Bush was honorably discharged from the Texas Air National Guard as a First Lieutenant. He did not fly his last year of service, primarily because the Vietnam War was nearly over and thousands of pilots had returned home to Reserve units and the National Guard. There were simply not enough cockpits for all the pilots. This was confirmed in a lengthy letter from a pilot who served with the President. But President Bush showed up for his service anyway: The military pay records show he served and an old girlfriend actually came forward to tell how he came back to one unit in Alabama from Texas for the purpose of serving required days with a unit there. It is true that President Bush did not serve in Vietnam; however, his unit flew interceptor jets designed to stop a Soviet attack during the Cold War. The type aircraft he flew was not used in Vietnam. President George W. Bush is an honorable man who served his nation honorably in the military. (As for John Kerry, watch for some big news about his personal life and habits. The race is not over and he may not be the Democrat nominee.)


There is a growing problem facing the President among the many millions of Polish immigrants and their descendants in the United States. It is virtually impossible to win state wide in Illinois without the help of the Polish community. Poland is our ally in Iraq and is one of the nations supplying troops. Poland has a vibrant economy and is becoming a member of NATO. The nation is doing so well economically that many Americans are actually moving there. Yet, the Administration forces Polish people to go through the same visa process to visit the United States as those from nations who support and export terror. It is harder for a Pole to visit the United States than it is for a Saudi! Keep in mind that 15 of the 9-11 terrorist murderers were Saudi. Poland should be accepted as a friendly nation and given the same status for visa purposes as the rest of Europe and this should be done before the election. You can contact President Bush on this issue at


TV PORN AND MTV Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) has introduced the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 (S. 2056) to increase fines for broadcasting obscenity from $27,500 to $275,000 per instance. His bill is the companion to Congressman Upton's (R-MI) Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 (H.R. 3717) in the House which raises fines by the same amount. Senator Brownback points out that CBS was paid $2.2 million per Super Bowl ad and that a mere $27,500 fine per station they own would be no penalty at all. He stated the fines must be punitive or they will give little incentive to broadcasters to curb their "race to the bottom." Unfortunately neither bill does anything to affect the porn on MTV that is delivered to homes on cable and satellite TV. The Congress has never really made any attempt to control cable or for that matter the Internet. While there are laws on the books for child porn and all other types of porn on the cable, satellite TV and the Internet seem to have been exempted by default. The argument is that since they are not in the "public airwaves" the FCC has no jurisdiction. But MTV is broadcast publicly because it is on every cable set as part of a "basic" package.

Last week I told everyone that the cable companies "had" to delete MTV. I was half right. It turns out that under many cable franchises the cities and counties involved did not make this a requirement and as a result some cable companies are demanding that people "upgrade" their service to digital to have the upgrade feature. Adelphia and Cox seem to be cooperating with customers and blocking offending stations from the basic service, but Time-Warner is trying to extort extra cash from their customers by demanding the upgrade to digital. If you have basic cable with MTV and the company refuses to filter it, go ahead and file a complaint with the FCC but send a copy of your complaint to your congressman using We can win this battle but we must continue to fight to win.


If you are offended by what it on TV, you are not alone. A Gallup poll released yesterday shows that 62% of Americans are offended by TV violence; 58% by TV sex and 58% by TV profanity. Those are averages. As adults mature they are more and more offended by what is on television, with 80% of those 65 years old or older being offended by the sexual content and profanity. With these kinds of numbers, we should be able to do something and I encourage you to use the link above to contact your congressman and Senators.


It has happened. South Korean "scientists" have cloned a human embryo for the purpose of stripping it of parts. They have created life for the purpose of destroying it. Senator Brownback (R-KS) has offered a bill which would place a total ban on human cloning in the United States. Please contact your Senator about the Human Cloning Prohibition Act (S-245). Other nations may want to damn themselves in the eyes of God, but as for America, we should be a righteous land that does not experiment on the innocent and most helpless among us.



The Campaign Reform Act which most of us on the Hill call the "Incumbent Protection Act," limits freedom of speech of organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition. The law, passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush and found constitutional by the Supreme Court, bars organizations other than PACs from doing any "advocacy advertising" 30 days prior to a primary and 60 days prior to a general election. Thus the Religious Freedom Coalition cannot buy an advertisement before the election that identifies candidates who, for example, think MTV is fine entertainment.

Republican leadership passed the bill knowing the provisions I mentioned were unconstitutional, but thinking the Supreme Court would never allow such an outrage against free speech. There were some provisions they wanted in the Act and could not get passed otherwise. They were dumbfounded when the Supreme Court said free speech could be suppressed during an election. When the President signed the bill, he stated that the Supreme Court would have to look at "some issues." Now we have a law that bans free speech prior to an election. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) has introduced the First Amendment Restoration Act of 2004 (HR-3801) which would repeal the "electioneering communication" provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Act. This would allow organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Religious Freedom Action Coalition to do issue advertising during elections. At a press conference at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill yesterday, Congressman Bartlett released the details of the bill to restore freedom of speech. Our executive director, Peggy Birchfield, spoke on behalf of the Religious Freedom Coalition at the press conference. (See Photo)


Senate Leadership has scheduled a floor vote on the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (Laci and Connor's Law) HR 1997 for Thursday, February 26th. This is a simple law which makes it a crime to kill or injure an unborn child while committing a crime against the mother. Pro-abortionists hate this bill because it elevates the legal status of a "fetus." There will be a no-holds-barred attempt to derail the bill by Democrat leaders who are told what to do by the abortion industry lobby. It is important that your congressman hear from you about Laci and Connor's Law.


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William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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