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Weekend Ending February 6, 2004
Religious Freedom Coalition
February 6, 2004 5:02PM EST




On Thursday some of the staff of the Religious Freedom Coalition were fortunate enough to attend the National Prayer Breakfast at the invitation of Congressman Joe Pitts (R-PA). The prayer breakfast was attended for the most part by 2000 Christian preachers and their wives although there were foreign guests. For fifty-two years the National Prayer Breakfast has proclaimed Jesus Christ. The honored speaker of the day, President George W. Bush, spent most of his time talking about Iraq, assuring the assembled Christians that our armed services were constructing mosques in Iraq with our tax dollars, and "showing deference" to mullahs, and that our military stationed there honors Muslim holy days in that nation. At a time when the President has lost support among evangelical Christians he probably should have mentioned the name of our Lord at least once, but he didn't. His remarks were simply given to the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time. The loudest applause at the prayer breakfast came for Joe Gibbs and former Congressman J.C. Watts who gave clear Gospel messages of the power of Jesus Christ. Gibbs told of how he accepted Christ at age nine and Watts talked of the "sweet fragrance of Christ's love that overcame the stench of death at Calvary."


Meanwhile the polls show the President at his lowest approval rating ever. Gallup Polls show the Bush favorable rating is below that of presidential candidate Senator John Kerry. Most of the damage has been done to his base with massive new spending and an immigration proposal that offended just about every conservative with the exception of corporate executives looking for cheap labor. ADD THIS IN: If JudgeRoy Moore runs for President for the Constitution Party he will get millions of social conservative votes from Christians that are just plain tired of the "Islam is a Religion of Peace" mantra that comes from the White House. If Moore runs, Bush cannot win. This has led House and Senate Republicans to begin distancing themselves from the President. (See Below)


Less than twelve hours after conservative groups met and somewhat agreed upon language for a Constitutional Amendment to protect traditional marriage, the Massachusetts Supreme Court landed a bomb shell on the time table to pass that Amendment. The Court informed their state legislature that allowing "civil unions" for same sex couples was not enough; rather that only a state issued marriage certificate just like those issued to heterosexuals would do.

The civil union issue is now by-passed, which is a good thing for those social conservative groups who had come to agree with the President's objective to protect the word marriage while allowing civil unions for same sex couples. A high ranking Bush official promised conservative groups on Tuesday that the President would push hard for the agreed to language as soon as a major event occurred that could trigger a strong statement. When the Massachusetts Court made its final ruling that homosexual marriage would be available in that state by May 17th, the President on Wednesday made the following statement:

OK then, lets do what "must be done."



In this election year when the homosexual and secular vote is so important to Democrats, a court they control has tossed to them a bitter pill. There are five Democrat Senate seats open including several in the social conservative South. If Senate Democrats must go on record as voting against a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman, they will anger middle America. At the same time, a vote for the Amendment alienates the Democrat Party's secular and gay base. To the dismay of Democrat party officials, gay advocate groups have already solicited and received pledges from Senators in their party to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment. (FMA) If the President powerfully pursues the Federal Marriage Amendment it may cost Democrats Senate seats and win him a very close election.

Before the FMA can be passed thousands of vacationing homosexuals will "marry" in gay Congressman Barney Frank's home state of Massachusetts and go back to their home states to demand recognition of their marriages.

The homosexuals have a plan, they have a war room, and they understand how they want to change America by eliminating the "antiquated" institution of marriage. The right, on the other hand, is disorganized and under funded.


Meanwhile Republicans have their own problems in the Senate. The President's proposed spending increases have incensed many Americans who see a huge federal debt being passed on to their children. The Administration's increased spending for the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) and for renovation of the United Nations Building in New York has conservative Republicans livid. During the last congressional recess Senators were hit hard at meetings back home by their constituents and returned to Washington with bad news for the President. Republican Senators are going to trim the President's budget to avoid a "big spender" label in the November elections. (See Washington Times Story)



First: Congressman John Hostettler's (R-IN) "Super DOMA", which would strip courts of jurisdiction in proclaiming same sex marriage, must be passed within 30 days to protect the other 49 states from the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision that takes effect May 17th. Second: The Federal Marriage Amendment must be voted out of the House and be headed to the Senate no later than May, to challenge the Senate prior to summer recess. The vote in both Houses on the FMA must come quickly and will not do so without a lot of pressure from President George W. Bush. Chairman Sensenbrenner (R-WI) of the Judiciary Committee is against constitutional amendments of any kind and also against any bill which restrains the judiciary, as does Congressman Hostettler's Super DOMA. Only a call from President Bush to Chairman Sensenbrenner will move the Super DOMA and the FMA out of his committee. That call should be made next week, not next month.

The American people are angry that a handful of Massachusetts judges have determined the moral standards of the entire nation. The time for political action is now. Contact your congressman and Senators. The courts must be reined in!


Most of America was outraged by the half-time show produced by MTV and broadcast by CBS. (Both CBS and MTV are owned by the same parent company.) Some are turning to the government and demanding action by the FCC. Others are taking immediate action. Did you know that your cable company MUST remove MTV from your cable service if you demand they do? Many cable companies tell customers that MTV is part of basic service, but they are required to put a trap on your line and block it. MORE IMPORTANT. Every time just one home has MTV blocked that company receives thousands of dollars less in advertising revenue each year. If you have MTV on cable or satellite, call and stop this sewer line of sex and profanity from running into your home. Meanwhile Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI) of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee has introduced the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act (HR 3717) that would increase fines for indecency on broadcast programs such as the Super Bowl from $27,500 per violation to $300,000 per violation..




During the past week the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Institute for Religion and Public Policy hosted Bishop Artimije of Kosovo at events in Washington, DC. Since President Bill Clinton's 1999 war against Christian Serbia, atrocities have been conducted against Christians in the Kosovo region by Muslims even as United Nations troops, including American troops under UN control, have watched. More than 250,000 Christians have been "cleansed" from Kosovo, their homes either destroyed or confiscated by Muslims. About 1,500 Christians have been murdered and another 1,300 - mostly women - have disappeared. Our tax dollars have built new hospitals in Kosovo, but they are for Muslims only, since Christians are not permitted to enter. The same is true of new schools that have been constructed with our tax dollars.  (See photo of Bishop Artimije and William Murray)

Bishop Artimije met with Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and other Senate leaders and presented before and after photos of 112 churches and monasteries that have been destroyed. Each photo had underneath it the flag of the nation responsible for that church's "protection." Many of the churches were destroyed as American, British, French and German troops looked on. We were also able to make a presentation of this material to an Assistant to President George W. Bush and arrange for meetings with Administration officials who may have an interest in stopping the destruction of churches in Kosovo, many of which are more than 1,000 years old. You can view the entire book prepared by Bishop Artimije with full color photos of the destruction of churches in Kosovo as United Nations troops stood by at

Bringing persecution of Christians to the attention of Congress and the White House is just one of the functions of the Religious Freedom Coalition's office in Washington, DC. To assist us in our work with credit card gifts click here!

William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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