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Week Ending December 26, 2003
Religious Freedom Coalition
December 24, 2003 11:57AM EST





This Christmas I decided not to decorate the outside of my home with Christmas lights after reading an editorial at Thanksgiving time in our local newspaper, The Free Lance Star . The editorial told how the little light bulbs used for outside decorations are made by Christians imprisoned in Chinese labor camps. These Christians were jailed because they worship the Lord in churches not approved by the communist government of China. I must not have been the only one to read the editorial because more than half my neighbors did not decorate their homes with those little lights either.

Just after the light bulb revelation I began to receive e-mails from all over the United States about schools sending kids home for bringing in "Holiday cards" that mentioned Jesus; hospitals that would not allow Christmas carols; and threatened lawsuits by the ACLU against towns that allowed a nativity scene on public property. New York City schools allowed a Jewish Menorah and an Islamic crescent for a "holiday display" but refused to allow the Nativity because they said it was too religious. Fox News has even done a special report on the attacks against Christian symbols this Christmas.

Then I began to notice the "holiday sales" at our mall. The newspaper ads for all the department stores  and all the other big chain stores never mentioned Christmas. All the ads said they were having a "holiday sale." Funny ... these same big retailers had Martin Luther King Day sales as well as Presidents' Day sales and Independence Day sales. I am sure they will have a New Year's sale. Then, why not a Christmas sale? All these retailers want money from Christians to buy "Holiday gifts" but they don't want our Lord's name mentioned in their newspaper ads, not even if it is just a part of the word "Christmas."

The big "Holiday" news stories this year were about women being trampled at WalMart before dawn while charging through the store for $49.00 DVD players. Since then I have been pushed, shoved and insulted--and that was just at the supermarket when I tried to buy a fruit cake. Not to be outdone by the World, I noticed that some local churches were having special "Holiday" services.

The new American tradition of celebrating "The Holidays" tries to ignore but cannot change the truth of Jesus Christ. The Christ child, born of the Virgin Mary, came from Heaven to earth to offer mankind Salvation and eternal life. He offers us a second birth into the Kingdom of Heaven where we may all be brothers to Him and sons of the living God.

This Christmas morning not one gift will be opened in my home ... not by my wife, not by a child, not by a grandchild, until I have read the true Gospel story found in the Second Chapter of Luke . The real gift of Christmas cannot be found in WalMart or Macy's. The true gift of Christmas can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that the Gospel truth will bless your home this Christmas!


Last week in the Presidency section of the update I mentioned a USA TODAY - GALLUP poll indicating that 65% of the American people are against "gay marriage" and only 17% say they are strongly in favor of it. See poll at USA Today - Gallup Poll . The liberal media just can't stand the idea that Americans are turning against "gay marriage," so they run poll after poll, changing the language slightly in hopes of getting better results. It doesn't work. In fact as the various court decisions legalizing homosexual acts, civil unions and same-sex marriage sink in, more and more people are turning against the concept.

A new poll by CBS and the New York Times revealed that for the first time in decades most Americans believe homosexual acts should be against the law. And the idea of same-sex marriage does not even float a boat in the Democrat party. Despite the fact that every Democrat candidate for president endorses the gay agenda, a whopping 57% of Democrats oppose same-sex marriage. And for the first time the poll revealed that the majority of Americans are now against civil unions even though the Bush Administration at the urging of Vice President Cheney appears to support them. See poll at CBS News .

I have great sympathy for the Cheney family and the situation with their lesbian daughter, Mary. Having said that, I do not believe the social policy of the United States of America should be based upon the sexual orientation of one of the Vice President's children.


Just twenty years ago Bethlehem was 95% Christian. This year the number of Christians in Bethlehem has dwindled to just 35%. Christians have been the majority in Bethlehem since before the birth of Mohammed. In the twentieth century under both British and Israeli rule, Christians thrived in Bethlehem. In the short time that Arafat has ruled the West Bank, Christians have been forced out of their homes and their businesses at an alarming rate. This Christmas Bethlehem is officially a Muslim town. The Religious Freedom Coalition continues to assist Christian institutions and families in the West Bank. We will continue that support until the last Christian is either forced out or murdered by the Islamic gangs supported by Yassar Arafat. Early next year I will once again travel to the West Bank to assist struggling Christian families. Year end tax deductable contributions to our work can be made here.


Congress will not reconvene until January 20th. That week we will return to our normal format reporting on social conservative legislation. Between then and now I will try to keep you updated on what social conservative organizations are doing here in Washington, DC to get ready for the return of Congress.

William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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