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Week Ending November 7, 2003
Religious Freedom Coalition
November 7, 2003 5:30PM EST




Staff members of the Religious Freedom Coalition were on hand to witness the historic signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban by President George W. Bush. Prior to signing the act into law the President said, "For years, a terrible form of violence has been directed at children only inches from birth while the law looked away. Today, at last the American people and our government have confronted the violence and come to the defense of the innocent child."

RFC Chairman William J. Murray reacted to the signing saying, "The signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban by President George W. Bush marks a turning point in the attitude of America. The nation has begun to turn away from the culture of death it was led toward for decades by the abortion industry."

The bill-signing ceremony was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center a few blocks from the White House because of the large crowd of supporters expected. About 600 people squeezed into the building's amphitheater to witness the signing. Among those present were Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson and many Senators and congressmen including House Speaker Hastert. (Video of signing click here)

I spoke with Attorney General John Ashcroft after the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. The Attorney General will vigorously defend the Partial Birth Abortion Ban against judicial attack. Within an hour of the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, a federal judge in Nebraska had already issued an injunction against it. The ACLU can somehow get to pick the left-wing judges it wants. The judge in question had previously found Nebraska's state ban on partial birth abortion unconstitutional. The abortionists will fight to the bitter end to keep every type of infant murder legal. (See personal note at bottom about the signing ceremony)


THE JUDICIAL BATTLE Rev. Al Sharpton has sided with Republican conservatives in the battle to confirm Judge Janice Rogers-Brown to the nation's second highest court. On Tuesday Rev. Sharpton, who is running for president, said she should receive an "up or down vote" and not be filibustered. Since the vast majority of Senators would vote for her, a group of extremist Senators who are in the pocket of special interest liberal groups such as the NAACP plan a filibuster. Al Sharpton's statement is a huge break in the liberal coalition to block the appointment of conservative minorities to federal judgeships. Liberals such as Julian Bond of the NAACP have said Rogers-Brown is ..."outside the mainstream," despite the fact that 76% of California voters cast votes for her in 1998 to return to the Supreme Court of that state. News of Sharpton's statement shocked a conference being held that same day by liberal activists wanting to stop her and other minority conservatives from serving in higher offices. When told of Al Sharpton's comments, Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights said, "I don't believe it. That can't be true. It would be shockingly surprising." Henderson, like Julian Bond, believes that all blacks should believe as they do or not be allowed to serve as judges or in any other higher office. They have a common hatred for Secretary of State Colin Powell and Presidential advisor Condi Rice because they are the "wrong kind of blacks."

Rev. Al Sharpton's comments bring some real problems to other Democrat presidential hopefuls, in particular Senator John Edwards of North Carolina. Edwards is part of the filibuster of conservative black judges and comes from a state where most Democrat voters are black. Sharpton's poll numbers continue to rise in South Carolina while Edwards' numbers continue to drop. This could be the beginning of the end for Democrat racism against conservative black judges.

On Thursday Judge Janice Rogers-Brown was passed out of the Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote, with every Democrat voting against her. Senator Frist will call for a vote on the Senate floor within days and it will be seen at that time if the extremist Senators will be able to continue a filibuster against her.


Next Wednesday a "real" filibuster will occur in the Senate over the blockade of federal judges by extremist Democrat Senators. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has called for debate, starting next Wednesday at 6:00 PM through midnight next Thursday, on three federal judge appointees who have been blocked by the Democrats. During that time a press conference will be held hourly by Republicans to put a media spotlight on the stalling of good judges by extremist Democrat Senators.

During this "real" filibuster at least fifty (50) Republican Senators must be in the chamber at all times. On the other hand, only one Democrat needs be there. I have reported in this Legislative Update numerous times that there is great public misunderstanding of the filibuster process. Yes, we will get media attention, but we will take our Senators away from their important duties. In my September 12th update I clearly outlined the filibuster process and gave the solid reasons why an all-day, all-night filibuster would only serve the purposes of the Democrats. The thirty-six continuous hours of debate called for by Senator Frist will not move any Judicial nominees through, but it is a brilliant strategy to expose the extremist Democrats in the media where they are clearly losing this battle. As of October 28th there have been 277 newspaper editorials in 38 states against the Democrats and only 46 editorials in 21 different newspapers in favor of their extremist tactics against judges appointed by George W. Bush. This 36 hour demonstration will only add more heat to the media fire against the Democrat extremist Senators who are blocking these judges.


Senator Tom Daschle is holding up the Charity, Aid, Recovery and Empowerment Act (CARE) despite the fact that Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) asked for speedy passage of the bill. The CARE Act would provide certain tax breaks that would increase giving to charities. The bill was sponsored in the House by Congressman Joe Pitts and passed there by a huge margin of 408 to 13 on September 17th. Back in April it passed the Senate by 95 to 5. But, the House and Senate versions of the bill are slightly different and those differences must be resolved in a conference committee. Senator Daschle is using procedural blocks to stop the conference committee members from the Senate from being appointed. He claims he just wants more Democrats on the conference committee. The question is why? There is virtually nothing to negotiate. Regardless of what he does there will still be more Republicans on the conference committee than Democrats so there is no chance to change the final versions anyway. It may simply be because the CARE Act is part of the President's Faith Based initiative. Senator Daschle simply does not want charities to do what can be done by the government with your tax dollars. To contact Senator Daschle click here.



On November 6th Monty and Helen Patterson wrote an open letter to the media that would bring tears to almost anyone except the most callous abortion supporter. The letter can be read in its entirety at Congressman De Mint's Internet site.

In the letter the Pattersons detail how their teenage daughter Holly was killed by the abortion drug RU-486 which was approved by the FDA under the administration of Bill Clinton, for the purpose of murdering unborn infants. To rush the abortion drug to market the FDA defined pregnancy as a "life-threatening" illness. The drug will cure this "illness" by causing a miscarriage if it is taken within seven weeks of a woman's last period. The drug was approved even though it had caused numerous deaths in women in Europe where it was approved earlier. No American drug company would manufacture it because of liability issues. It is manufactured in China by a chemical company controlled by their military. Congressman DeMint (R-SC) has offered a bill to pull RU-486 off the market and named it after Holly Peterson who died of bleeding caused by the drug in September. Holly was a 17 year-old minor when she was impregnated by a 24- year old man. The man then assisted her in obtaining the drug from Planned Parenthood, an organization which has killed more human beings than the Nazis did. So far Holly's Law (HR 3453) has 59 co-sponsors in the House. Has your congressman agreed to sponsor this important lifesaving bill? Contact your congressman. Senator Brownback (R-KS) will introduce a companion bill in the Senate.


Personal Note on PBA event: At the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban this past Wednesday I wore an Amazing Grace tie. There were about 600 people present to witness the signing of which half were men. Of those 300 men I saw about three of four besides myself who wore ties that were a statement of faith. This is not a criticism. Nice looking Christian theme ties are just not available in department stores. Most are sold at Christian bookstores and on the Internet. A lot of Christian ties are just plain ugly. Our Internet store offers a variety of 100% silk Christian theme neckties and I urge men and those that buy ties for men to look at our collection. I wear these myself; I have worn them to the White House and I can attest that they are noticed and are a real statement of one's faith. Buying books and other products from our Internet store  helps the RFC finance its work in Washington, DC.

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William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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