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Week Ending October 10, 2003
Religious Freedom Coalition
October 10, 2003 11:38AM EST





By proclamation of the President of the United States, October 12 through October 18, 2003 has been declared Marriage Protection Week. During that week the threat to the institution of marriage by homosexual activists will become America's biggest issue!

During Marriage Protection week, every major social conservative organization in the United States including the Religious Freedom Coalition will work to make Americans aware that marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman! The Religious Freedom Coalition is at the forefront of working to protect the institution of marriage.

The homosexuals who want to legalize "gay marriage," and the perverts running the ACLU who want to legalize sex between adults and children, must be stopped.

Just last week I met with Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sandy Rios, Mike Farris, Dr. Bill Bennet and fifteen other social conservative leaders to plan a strategy to protect marriage as a God given institution between one man and one woman.

We have a two-pronged strategy. We will work for a Constitutional Amendment ... BUT ... that could take years. We will also work for legislation to limit the federal courts and to stop the left-wing judicial activism that is marching us toward homosexual marriage and the legalization of polygamy.

The goal of our marriage alliance is to raise up an army of 50 million believers who will fight to protect the God given institution of marriage.

During Marriage Protection Week I will appear on major national and local radio programs, as will other leaders. Already I am scheduled for more than a dozen programs.

At great expense the Religious Freedom Coalition has prepared an e-mail petition to the President, Senators and congressmen that you can sign. Your e-mail petitions are sent directly to your congressman and your Senators. To send your free e-mail petition, sign onto the Internet at today. Make sure your e-mail petition is sent between now and the end of Marriage Protection Week next Friday!

The Religious Freedom Coalition is spending a huge amount of money during Marriage Protection Week to protect the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Your financial help is needed. Please click here to help. To mail a donation see our address below.

To protect our society and the future of our children, marriage must remain between one man and one woman and not between two men or even a group of polygamists.

William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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