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New RFC Video Documentary Now In Stock!
June 27, 2003 9:14AM EST


We are getting better at what we do. Of the many video documentaries the Religious Freedom Coalition has produced, Holy Land Settlements: The Christian and Jewish Views is undoubtedly the best.

Holy Land Settlements was filmed at the "settlement" of Ariel in Samaria. Samaria is of course the part of Biblical Israel that is now claimed by Palestinians as part of the "West Bank." The documentary contains a rather amazing interview of Mayor Ron Nachman, the founder of the "settlement" whose family has lived in the Samarai-Judea area since the 19th century. There is also on interview with the resident Christian evangelist of Ariel and commentary by myself.

Ariel is in reality a city of more than 20,000 with an annual economic output of more than half a billion dollars. Will the "Roadmap For Peace" proposed by President Bush be used to force the Jews to hand over large cities such as this to Muslim Palestinians? Will the Jewish settlers fight to keep their cities? You must see Holy Land Settlements.

All the material in Holy Land Settlements is new. It was filmed on location as the war with Iraq began earlier this year. My daughter, Katie, accompanied me on this trip and produced her own video of interviews with Jewish, Christian and Muslim teens. The video is still in editing and not yet available .... But ... I can tell you that it is exciting and shows why, in the long run, the "Roadmap" will not bring peace to the Holy Land ... Only Jesus can bring peace there.

Funds from the sale of Holy Land Settlements are for the most part used for our programs in the Holy Land including funding of Christian schools in the Muslim controlled areas of the "West Bank." I am also arranging visits for congressmen to Ariel and other "settlements" so they can understand the situation better. Please consider obtaining a second copy of Holy Land Settlements for you church or a local library. 50 minutes ... Just $19.95 and we pay the shipping! For more information click here.

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