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Week Ending May 2, 2003
Religious Freedom Coalition
May 2, 2003 6:06PM EST



This morning more than 1,000 Christians came from across America to sing and pray at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. Israeli Ambassador Ayalon was literally stunned by the outpouring of love displayed by Christians for Israel. The event was hosted by numerous social conservative and Christian organizations including the Religious Freedom Coalition, American Values, Christian Coalition of America, John Hagee Ministries, National Religious Roundtable, Concerned Women For America, Free Congress Foundation, The Christian Broadcasting Network and many others.

The prayer breakfast began at 10:00 AM with an opening prayer and the singing of both Hatikvah and the Star-Spangled Banner. Speakers included myself, Roberta Combs of the Christian Coalition, Gary Bauer of American Values, Dr. Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the SBC, Rev. John Hagee and Michael Little the president of CBN.

Pastors and Christian leaders invited by the Religious Freedom Coalition came from as far away as Florida. Two church choirs traveled hundreds of miles to be present.

The message from all of these evangelical leaders was clear .... No "road map" that rewards terror will bring peace to the Middle East. The land of Israel was given to the Jews through a blood covenant. The land of Israel including Samaria belongs to the Jewish people. Calling Samaria the "West Bank" does not change the fact that the title to this land was granted by God to the Israeli people.

There was a strong reminder for Christians from theologians Dr. Richard Land and Dr. John Hagee that Judaism is the root of Christianity. Both criticized Christians who honor the Jews of the Old Testament on Sunday and then disdain their Jewish neighbors of today.

Speakers also demanded that the American Embassy to Israel be moved to Jerusalem as has been ordered by Congress. Despite President George W. Bush's support for Israel, his administration has refused to move the Embassy for fear it would slow down the "peace process" between Palestinians and Jews.


The speech delivered by President George W. Bush aboard the Abraham Lincoln last night showed both compassion and forcefulness. By destroying two despotic regimes since 9-11 the President has put the world on notice that the United States will no longer take punch after punch without returning blows. He has put the fear of God and the fear of the United States into the hearts of Islamic and atheist dictators throughout the world.


The United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003 (HR 1298) was passed by the House with a 220 - 197 vote. This is the Global AIDS Initiative announced by President Bush in his last State of the Union address. The bill as it came out of committee was totally unacceptable.

Under the provisions inserted by Democrats faith-based organizations could have been denied funds under this bill if they did not distribute condoms. Social conservative congressmen including key congressional leaders said they would not support the bill unless faith-based organizations were protected and far less money was handed over to the United Nations.

Congressman Joseph Pitts and Congressman Henry Hyde offered an abstinence amendment to the bill which passed after a floor fight. A religious conscience clause protection amendment was offered by Congressman Chris Smith which also passed. In the end the bill was changed to reflect what social conservatives deemed right and proper.

"This is an infinitely better bill than what came out of the committee," said Representative Pitts. "It protects faith-based groups, promotes abstinence, and demands accountability from the United Nations Global Fund. The bottom line is it gets the money to the strategies that save lives."

The Religious Freedom Coalition worked diligently to make House members aware of the original billís problems. RFC sent out press releases and letters of support for House members offering amendments to the bill. RFC representatives were present at strategy meetings on Capitol Hill to help inform "fence sitting" congressmen of the needed amendments.

William J Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, Washington, DC

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