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Fight Christmas Censorship
December 1, 2005 6:45AM EST


Washington, DC - December 1, 2005

Only in an Orwellian mind are the people’s rights protected by taking away their right of free speech.

A new right has emerged in Western civilization in the past decade, the right not to be offended. This new right, which began in Scandinavian nations, has spread throughout Europe and Canada and now threatens free speech in the United States. In Sweden a pastor was sentenced to jail for offending homosexuals, and in Canada men have been fined and forced to work in mosques because they offended Muslims. In America those who utter the word Christmas are now targeted as offenders by the same people who champion the "hate crimes" laws that squelch free speech in Europe and Canada.

The so called right not to be offended and the right to free speech are not compatible. In nations such as Canada the right to free speech has been lost, but it is still salvageable in the United States. To salvage free speech, the politically correct corporate culture in America must be destroyed before it creeps into government and destroys our rights.

The politically correct culture of Hollywood which is on constant attack against anything traditionally American or Judeo-Christian, must be cast out of America’s corporate soul and the exorcism of this demon should center on Christmas. If K-Mart, Target, Sears and Walmart want to sell Holiday gifts to those who celebrate the Holiday season, let them. Christians, however, should buy at stores that sell Christmas gifts, not Holiday gifts.

There are many Christian shops online that sell Christmas oriented gifts. Many Christian non-profit organizations, including this one, operate online stores.

Our advice to Christmas shoppers: when buying at a store that celebrates the "Holiday" instead of Christmas, buy only deeply discounted items that the merchant will probably lose money on. Don’t buy anything during the Christmas season from any "Holiday" big box store at retail price. Make them pay for slighting our special time of year. Try to buy most of your Christmas gifts from non-profit religious organizations. THEN: Go to the Internet site of the big box stores and tell them they have offended you in their politically correct attempt not to offend the few Muslims and atheists in the United States by calling Christmas everything but Christmas.

The battle can be won, but only if we are willing to hit the profit margins of those who offend us with their politically correct nonsense. If not stopped now, that nonsense could become the law of the land and we could one day be jailed for uttering the name of Christ to an atheist or a Muslim. Become law? Yes indeed ... Congress has already begun the process by promoting hate crimes laws that could jail us simply for repeating what the Bible says. As these laws expand, as they did in Europe, our rights to free speech will vanish.

Media contacts: William J. Murray, Chairman or Peggy Birchfield, Executive Director  (202) 543-0300

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