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June 10, 2005 11:57AM EST

FREE DVD - Persecuted Christians in Bethlehem

On Wednesday, May 26th President George W. Bush promised Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority $50 million with virtually no conditions according to the Washington Times. Meanwhile Christians are fleeing oppression in Bethlehem and the rest of the "West Bank" in ever increasing numbers. For more information order our free video on Christian Persecution in Bethlehem. (You pay only the shipping costs.) Call the White House and your congressman and ask that any more of our tax dollars given to the Palestinian Authority carry a condition to stop persecution of Christians in Bethlehem and other West Bank Areas.

The Religious Freedom Coalition continues to work in Bethlehem and other areas of the Holy Land to stop repression and persecution of Christians. Education is the greatest weapon we have. Please arrange to show this free DVD on persecution of Christians in Bethlehem to your Sunday School class.

Handmade olive oil soap from Samaria ... made by persecuted Christians ... is now also available from the Religious Freedom Coalition. Proceeds help the families of men under death warrants because they renounced Islam and accepted Christ. The RFC is now receiving shipments by ship rather than air greatly reducing costs. As a result the olive oil soap is now available for just $3.95 per bar! Order today. Click here for more details!

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