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May 24, 2005 5:31PM EST




This morning I was among 20 evangelical Christian leaders who met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Washington, DC. Among those in attendance were Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Pat Robertson, Dr. John Hagee and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer. In his opening remarks Prime Minister Sharon made it very clear that he sees the evangelicals as friends of Israel and welcomed the political influence we have as a group both on Capitol Hill and within the White House. The Prime Minister had more of an agenda in meeting with us than praising our support of Israel; he wanted our support of his disengagement plan.

The Prime Minister assured us that he was not surrendering Israel and recounted all of the wars he had fought in for the security of Israel, reminding us that he was seriously wounded twice. He then made the clear statement that he was "not going to negotiate the security of Israel" and that he would "defend our people."

The Prime Minister made several references to the Bible while stating he was sure those present had a better knowledge of it than did he. He then told the group about his first meeting with Pope John Paul II in which he recounted the Pope telling him that Israel is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, but that God had promised the land only to the Jews." He made it clear when asked by Gary Bauer that he would never negotiate over Jerusalem's future and that the entire city would remain a part of Israel. On the other hand he stated that the fence being built was "not a border."

The Prime Minister also discussed his relationship with President Bush recounting their first meeting when the President was still Governor of Texas. He joked that the Jordan River is about the same size as the river on the President's Texas ranch. However, he was very serious in stating that the President agreed with him that there would be no "right of return" to Israel of Palestinians and that major Jewish population blocks established over the years will be a part of Israel while not referring to cities in Samaria such as Ariel directly. After the public portion of the meeting I pressed the Prime Minister privately to be more specific about the future of Ariel which is the base of the Religious Freedom Coalitions operations in Israel. I specifically asked him if the city would be inside the fence and be a future part of Israel. He smiled and responded, "They don't have to worry." I asked him directly if I could tell that to leaders of the city and he responded by saying "Tell them." I believe this is the most direct answer the Prime Minister has given about the fate of Ariel which is the very heart of Samaria.

The Prime Minister also touched on terror and the situation in Iran saying that the goal of the current Iranian government was to "destroy the Jewish people." He went on to state that Iran is developing missiles that are a threat to more of the world than just Israel. He did not say what action, if any, Israel intended to take against Iran to stop the developing nuclear threat in Iran. In all, the meeting lasted more than one hour and was very cordial. I believe most of those present came away believing that it is Prime Minister Sharon's intent to establish dependable borders for Israel. At the same time evangelical leaders have Biblical concerns about the surrender of any part of Samaria.

The Prime Minister was asked about the persecution of Christians in Bethlehem and he responded by asking those present to do something. He said, "You must expose what is going on. This is something Israel cannot do anything ... it is up to you to tell the world." He was well aware of the persecution of Christians and the fact that they are being pushed from Bethlehem and seemed frustrated that Christians in the West have done nothing. I understand his frustration. I cannot even get on a Christian radio or TV show to discuss the persecution of Christians in Bethlehem. American Christians have just about totally abandoned their brothers in Christ in Bethlehem.


Prime Minister Sharon spent a good deal of time on the threat of a nuclear Iran and made clear that continued pressure from the West should be exerted on Iran. We in America should be fearful as well since Iran continues to develop longer range missiles. This Saturday, May 28th, an Iran "freedom rally" will be held in Lafayette Park across from the White House at noon. Our old friend Jerry Corsi, author of Atomic Iran will be concluding his 200 mile walk for freedom for Iran. Iranian dissidents working for freedom in Iran will be present. The rally is open to public participation and you are invited.



The media has reported that a "group of moderates" have come to an agreement to pass "most" of the Bush judicial nominees on the promise that Senate filibuster rules will not be changed. The group of 14 Senators was organized by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who is taking credit for the "compromise." HERE IS THE REAL STORY: This was a power grab by Senator McCain to end the presidential aspirations of Majority Leader Bill Frist. McCain, who intends to run again for President in 2008, knew that Bill Frist changing the rules and pushing through all of the Bush judges would make him the front runner in 2008. McCain had to stop this so he formed an ad hoc committee of Senators to take over the Senate in a coup effectively taking over the leadership from both Bill Frist and his Democrat counter part, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV). This ad hoc committee now controls the operation of the Senate with the voting block they have established. While Bill First has figured out that this is a power grab, Harry Reid is so lame he still does not get it. It no longer matters what either the Majority Leader or the Minority Leader want to accomplish, the Senate is ruled by McCain and his gang of 14. MEANWHILE: The entire reason for this fight to end the filibuster now was to make it easier to get conservative Supreme Court justices confirmed later this year and early next year. The "agreement" McCain and his gang of 14 has implemented allows for the filibuster of Supreme Court justices. McCain has made it virtually impossible to place true pro-life Justices on the Supreme Court bench. Thanks John!



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