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Forum on the Chinese Communist Party
March 29, 2005 2:27PM EST

Comments of Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman William J. Murray

Forum on Chinese Communist Party

March 29, 2005

Press Club, New York City, New York

For Immediate Release


(To listen to audio of of this address click here)


It is wishful thinking on the part of the current American administration that China actually has a communist government. Both the Administration and various conservative and liberal think tanks believe free enterprise, free trade and the rise of a consumer class in China will lead to the collapse of the communist government as it did in other areas of the world. This thought process is not realistic because the government of China is not communistic, but rather National Socialist or fascist in nature. Unlike communism, fascism is totally compatible with capitalism and free trade. The fascist government of Spain lasted decades as have numerous other fascist regimes around the world. Because fascism is compatible with capitalism most fascist regimes have ended only by revolution or outside military force. A very good example was the fascist regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Without US intervention this brutal fascist regime could have lasted for generations.


The Mullah led fascists of Iran utilize free trade and the free enterprise system to enhance their military might and consolidate their power, much like the Chinese fascists who masquerade as communists. Fascism is alive in the world today.


The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, the Jiuping, have exposed the brutal history of the Communist Party of China (CCP) from its birth in revolution to its evolution into a tyrannical regime equal to those of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.


Unable to remain in power, or even sustain itself, through substance of thought or philosophy, the CCP has become an evil cult. Like religious fanatics CCP members chant their unproven dogma at meetings and deny all others freedom of thought and speech. Those who think for themselves are expelled and often imprisoned or even executed. The underlying truth of the CCP has been the murder of millions of innocents. CCP members refer to death as “going to see Marx.”


The current and past American administrations and all other Western governments have failed to understand the threat of the cultish nature of the CCP and the implications of what is in reality a fascist religious cult running the government of the most populous nation on Earth.


The CCP leadership believes violence is the answer to all problems it faces. Using the trillions of dollars received from exports to the United States, the fascists of China are building a deadly modern military that is superior to any in the world other than that of the United States. Now ready to flex its new military muscle, financed by the America consumer, the CCP has announced to the world its plan to use military force against Taiwan.


On numerous discussion panels I have endured the ignorance of economic conservatives who equate monetary freedom with social good. Their argument is simplistic at its best and can be summed up as follows: “As China becomes wealthier and the middle class expands, the Communist Party will lose its grip and slowly fade away.” In other words, the fascist leaders of China will give up their mansions, private jets and chauffeured limousines and sort of wander off in order to allow the people to live free. This is an Alice in Wonderland scenario designed to alleviate the guilt of American capitalists for making money off the misery of the Chinese people.


A few days ago marked the date of the Resurrection of the Savior. In stores across the world hundreds of millions of dollars of Easter trinkets were sold, most made in China. How many of those stuffed Easter rabbits were made by Christians and Falun Gong members in forced labor camps where they are being punished for refusing to accept the CCP’s official religious dogma?


We in the West dream of the day the CCP will voluntarily hold open and honest elections, and meanwhile their grip on China becomes tighter, more dangerous and more violent. The publication of the Nine Commentaries in China has caused more than 400,000 CCP members to resign. The reaction from the CCP leadership has been more violence, more imprisonments and threats of war to consolidate its power even further.


Rather than to sit idly by using the labor of the Chinese people to make cheap consumer goods, the West must awaken to the threat of violence by a decaying fascist regime. Rather than sell modern arms to China’s ruling warlords, the West should be shipping the idea of freedom to the Chinese people.


There is no progress toward democratization in China; indeed the trend is in the other direction. American technology is used to restrain freedom and filter information from the Chinese people. Thanks to American software companies, the Chinese people cannot read the Nine Commentaries on any Internet site … they are filtered out. Yet, they are passed hand to hand giving some small hope to the Chinese people, hope not supported or encouraged by Western democracies.


As the Nine Commentaries spread like a fire among the Chinese people the truth in these documents should and must be read by those in the West. The press should share a responsibility to allow Americans and others to know the truth of the evil cult in China which they finance with their consumer dollars. The CCP should not be financed by the West; it should be strangled much like it strangles the life from the people of China.


William J. Murray is the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, a Washington, DC based social conservative organization concerned with the rights of Christians around the world. The RFC supports Christian schools in the West Bank and assists with the secularization of nations with a history of religious repression. The RFC sees those who support Islamic Jihad as equal with the Communists in the area of religious oppression. Further information of the RFC may be obtained at


Media contact:  Peggy Birchfield  (202) 543-0300



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