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Marriage Protection Press Conference
Religious Freedom Coalition
October 2, 2003 8:53PM EST

Social conservative organizations held a major press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC October 2, 2003 urging the passage of a Constitutional Amendment protecting the institution of marriage. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family; Rev. Don Wildmon of American Family Association; Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptists; Sandy Rios of Concerned Women for America and others joined RFC chairman William J. Murray in condemning the road society has taken toward homosexual marriage. It was also announced at the press conference that President Geroge W. Bush would sign a proclamation for Marriage Protection Week, October 12-18. The Religious Freedom Coaltion press release for the news conference appears below:

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October 2, 2003 - Washington, DC

The 20th century saw the implementation of gigantic schemes to change the moral and ethical behavior of human beings.

Karl Marx formulated the concept of communism to "create the new socialist man" void of religion yet morally bound to the state. His ideas were put into practice, and thousands of years of religious teaching, cultural traditions and human experience were violently tossed aside for the sake of an untried social experiment. National Socialism sought to do away with society as it was and create a new Reich populated by "Aryan supermen."

Both these social experiments endeavored to destroy the existing social structure and bring into being a "brave new world" of happiness and prosperity. Instead, they produced suffering and misery for untold millions.

The twentieth century saw the birth of yet another revolution whose goal was to overturn societal norms and religious values-- the Sexual Revolution. This revolution beginning in the mid 20th Century sought to overturn standards of sexual behavior which had been developed in the Western World over thousands of years of recorded history. It promised happiness in the form of complete individual liberty--freedom from any moral or religious restraints on sexual behavior.

Part of that sexual Revolution required the destruction of marriage as an institution, and replaced the nuclear family with government definitions of various unions of individuals. Already the sexual revolution has unleashed a torrent of venereal diseases, some of which have killed millions of men and women. It continues like a tidal wave to destroy every standard of traditional morality and leave in its wake devastated homes, abandoned and aborted children. Yet the assault on marriage and the family continues, now with the attempt to define marriage as being virtually any sexual union imaginable. Even the proponents of homosexual marriages fully realize that polygamous marriages cannot be outlawed if homosexual unions are legalized.

During the 20th Century the concept of family was attacked again and again, with sex camps in Nazi Germany to manufacture Aryan Supermen; forced abortion in China; and rape in the Sudan. The concept of a traditional family, consisting of a husband, wife and children, has been derided and ridiculed to the point that marriage has become devalued. Prostitutes are now "sex workers" in Europe and the slave trade in sex forcibly moves nearly a million women and young boys a year across national borders. Single parents in Europe give condoms to their 12 and 13-year-old children.

Homosexual activists want us to follow that libertine path and not only legalize but endorse homosexual behavior. We must take a stand for civilization someplace. The United States must stand up and say no to the destruction of marriage and the family. This threat to the roots of civilization must be met head-on and defeated. The institution of marriage between one man and one woman must be codified into law in a manner that will not allow a judge with an agenda to circumvent 6,000 years of human development.

William J. Murray, Chairman


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