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Religious Freedom Coalition
August 12, 2003 3:44PM EST



The Religious Freedom Coalition has a special relationship with the city of Ariel located in Biblical Samaria. Two of the three video documentaries produced by the Religious Freedom Coalition in the past year were at least partially produced in Ariel. There is an extensive interview with the city's mayor, Ron Nachman, in Holy Land Settlements. My daughter, Katie V. Murray, also interviewed Mayor Nachman's daughter in Holy Land Teenagers.

Early this morning, August 12, 2003, the gas station at the entrance to Ariel was attacked by a suicide bomber (this was the third attack in two years). When I reached my office this morning I had already received an e-mail from Mayor Nachman telling me that none of the residents of Ariel had been killed, but that a young resident of Alon Moreh who had stopped for gas was murdered in the attack and that others were injured. At about the same time another bombing occurred at Rosh Haayi, which is a suburb of Tel Aviv. In that bombing of a supermarket, one Israeli was killed and several wounded. (Read Jerusalem Post article click here. Read Fox News report click here.)

The major news outlets are claming that these are the first violations of the "road map" cease fire arranged by President Bush since it took effect less than six weeks ago. Actually there have been more than 200 actual or attempted terrorist attacks against Israel since the "hudna," or cease fire, began. Members of HAMAS and the Islamic Jihad have kidnapped teenagers, including an American teen studying in Israel, and have shot women and children in the streets of Jerusalem. Meanwhile Secretary of State Colin Powell continues to push the Israeli government to stop construction of a security fence that would slow down or stop these vicious attacks against civilians.

There are members of the Bush Administration who understand the need for a fence between Mexico and the United States, but apparently have no concept as to why the Israeli government needs a fence to protect its citizens. I urge you to contact the White House and to give the Administration your view on the construction of the fence. The White House phone number is 202-456-1111 or you can e-mail the White House click here.

I have been to Israel numerous times. My daughter Katie has interviewed Christian, Jewish and Muslim teenagers in the West Bank. Both my daughter and I have been at the gas station in Ariel which was bombed. While the President's intentions are good, the concept of a Muslim nation living at peace with Israel can only be a reality the day Christ returns and the lion lies in peace with the lamb. Until then, peace can only come to Israel the way peace comes to America .... through strength.

Please join me in prayers for those who have lost loved ones so far this year to the hands of Mohammed's followers. Let us remember in prayer not only the Israeli dead, but those murdered in the Philippines, in Indonesia, and the scores who were killed in the attack at a Russian hospital just last month. Let us not forget the victims of Islamic terror in Africa. It gives joy to Muslim extremists to kill, in much the way we Christians receive joy from helping the sick and downtrodden. Murder is a path to hell for us, but to the Muslim the murder of an "infidel" is a golden path to heaven. Please contact the White House today.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition

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William J. Murray, Chairman - Religious Freedom Coalition

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