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President Bush - State of the Union and Partial Birth Abortion
Religious Freedom Coalition
January 29, 2003 12:26AM EST

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for your leadership of our nation at a time when we face terror from without and social decay from within. The strong and steady hand of governance you have exhibited has kept our ship of state afloat in a time of great worldwide storm. You made it very clear in your State of the Union address that the enemies of freedom will not prevail, that a free people will set the course of history, not tyrants.

During your State of the Union address you made it abundantly clear to the American people that a moral imperative exists to reject the destruction of human life as it is brought forth from the womb. The concept of partial-birth abortion is abhorrent to all who understand the practice. The families represented by the Religious Freedom Coalition stand with you in supporting an end to the gruesome destruction of viable human life.

With wolves of evil howling at the door of our liberty, this is not the time for America to take the liberty of life away from the unborn at the moment of their birth. While you understand the moral and ethical problems with partial-birth abortion, there are those secularists among us who have no fear of our Creator and who will fight to allow the destruction of life to continue.

During the 107th Congress the Religious Freedom Coalition worked for a ban on partial-birth abortion and will continue to do so in the 108th. With your leadership on this crucial issue, moral right will surely prevail.


William J. Murray, Chairman

January 28, 2003

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